Kahikatea Newsletter T3 Week 2

Calendar Art - Kandinsky
We are taking inspiration from Kandinsky for our Calendar Art.  This is an important fundraiser run by our PTA so look out for order forms coming home soon.
Warm Clothing - Thank You
Throughout the day we go in and out of the hub to get fresh air, to do our fitness and to take our breaks for morning tea and lunch.
Very often, we  experience very changeable weather so we appreciate you sending your child to school with an extra layer of warm clothing, such as thermals or a water/windproof jacket.

Lunches - Thank You
For providing full and filling lunches each day. Lunch eating is actively supervised and we are genuinely impressed by the delicious lunches our tamariki are eating. Sandwiches, wraps, buns  (carbohydrates) and protein (nuts, meats, dairy) and of course vegetables and fruit are essential lunchbox items.

Teachers are actively monitoring daily handwashing routines, especially before lunch eating. We also remind our tamariki to always wash their hands after using the toilet. It is particularly important during these winter months that we are all mindful of maintaining basic hygiene.

Sleep Routines & Our Performance

Healthy Sleep 
How much sleep is your child getting? We are noticing that many children are tired during learning time. Did you know that 5-7 year old need 10-11 hours sleep per night?  The holidays are a perfect time to get sleep routines in order! For more information and strategies to help your child get a good night's sleep, see this info from Canterbury Health.

There is also a free sleep app developed by the London-based Children's Sleep Department http://kidssleepdr.com/index.html to help you understand your child's sleep.

Singing: we will be singing our team song at this week's Celebration Assembly on 5th July at 11am.

Thank you: to our wonderful parent helpers in reading, and for all those who put away reading books. We really appreciate your support. Thank-you!

Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Reading at Home
Thank you for supporting your child by maintaining regular reading at home. Each day your child needs to self-select a book and put it into their reading folder. If you are concerned about your child's reading or you would like any ideas about supporting your child to read at home do not hesitate to speak with your child's teacher.

Slippers/Warm Socks/Winter Clothing/Glasses
The days are getting much cooler and it's really good to see students dressed appropriately for the weather. Please do remember to name your child's jackets as these inevitably come off when they enter our lovely warm hub. If your child would like to wear slippers or thick socks, do name these too.
We have an increasing number of students who wear glasses and we know it's so important that they develop the routine and discipline of managing this by themselves. If your child is suppose to wear glasses for specific learning tasks - reading, for example, please let us know.

Learning Conferences
Kind thanks to you all for taking the time to meet with us last week for learning conferences. These are such valuable meetings to celebrate with your child all their progress and to identify next steps.

Disco and Swimming Photos....enjoy!

Week 5 Kahikatea

We are so happy to have finally started swimming lessons. Thanks to all our lovely whanau who are supporting us during this time and to the many, many hours of work Charlotte has put into planning and organising such a valuable learning experience for our tamariki. Arohanui Charlotte!
Lessons continue this week (except for Wednesday 29th May) and then on into next week too.

Here are some photos of today's fun:

And, from our Celebration Assembly on Friday 24th May...

Our Cross Country Winners

Swimming Notice

14 May 2019
Dear Whanau,
Swimming Lessons at Aqua Gym
The Kahikatea children are booked in to have swimming lessons at Aqua Gym.  
Children will receive a 30 minute lessons over two weeks.
The swimming program will run from Monday 27th - 31 May 2019 and 4 - 7 June 2019.
Charlotte & Jules’ groups will go from approx 11.30-12.50pm.
Anna and Amber’s groups will go from approx 11am-12.20pm.
Aqua Gym requires all children to wear a swimming cap for their lessons.
All children will be required to wear suitable swimming costumes: either shorts or togs.
Lessons and transport are $110 per child.
A request for your contribution have been added to the Term 1 accounts.
Please email Sandra (our finance manager) at accounts@beckenham.school.nz
or call her on 03 337 1404 if you want to discuss setting up a small, regular payment.
If you any questions regarding our swimming program please contact your child/children's point of contact teacher.
Kind regards,
Amber, Jules, Lisa, Anna, Charlotte, Nicola and Jeanette