The school is located in the leafy suburb of Beckenham, in the Beckenham Loop, with the school sharing the green space and facilities of Beckenham Park. Close by is the meandering Ōpāwaho (Heathcote) River making the area a nature haven.

Access to the school from the central city can be by way of Colombo St, turning left at the 2nd set of lights at the Beckenham shops, then right at Norwood St. Access from East or West can be by way of Centaurus or Cashmere Roads which follow the base of the Port Hills.

This area of the city contains many parks, tree-lined avenues, and provides ample facilities for recreation and relaxation. The region is home to a great selection of walking options, with ready access to the Port Hills.

Much of the school zone is situated in the zone of Cashmere High School.