The school uniform has been designed so that many items are easy wear and available to be purchased at most clothing stores where cost and quality is your choice. For your convenience the school has arranged with Mainland Uniforms to stock and supply items that can be worn as school uniform. These can be purchased at the Peterborough Street store or purchased on line through http://www.mainlanduniforms.co.nz/

If you are purchasing items from another supplier please be aware that only Mainland Uniforms polar fleece jacket and sweatshirt are monogrammed with the school name.


Choose from:

  • Plain black culottes
  • Black and white gingham culottes
  • Black and white gingham dress
  • Black track pants
  • Black drill shorts
  • Red polar fleece jacket
  • Red polo shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Red fleece sweatshirt
  • Plain red zip Merino top


School Footwear

  • Black school shoes
  • Plain white or dark runners
  • Black school sandal, preferably with a closed in toes
  • Black or white socks

Hair Accessories

Plain black/red headbands, ties, ribbons or clips.


Children can choose either plain red or plain black wide-brimmed or bucket hats – these can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms.


House Shirts

House shirts may be purchased through the school office for $30

House shirts may be worn on Fridays and designated house activity days instead of the red polo shirt.


Plain red may be worn during winter terms 2 and 3 under polo shirts.


One piece of jewellery of cultural significance may be worn under clothing.  It may be displayed on formal school occasions.

One pair of plain ear studs can be worn. Sleepers are not appropriate for school as they can catch and tear the earlobe.  No facial or body piercing.

Nail Polish and Make up

Our Dress Code precludes the wearing of nail polish or make up at school, except for special drama productions, fashion parades and kapa haka performances.

Special Activities Require Specific Clothes

Year 7 and 8 students are required to wear closed-in shoes and have their hair tied back when working in the Materials Workshop Technology Units at South Intermediate.  All children should have an art shirt (recycle an adult sized  long sleeve shirt) at school to protect clothing.

Sports Uniforms

We have a stock of sports uniforms for loan to students who represent the school in sports competition.


Togs or tankinis are to be worn for swimming.  No underwear.  No bikinis.


Children are encouraged to wear gumboots on wet days, and to bring a pair of slippers, or suitable inside shoes, to change into in the classroom.


Second Hand Uniform

An extensive range of very reasonably priced second hand uniform is available from our school PTA hub. The PTA hub is located at the eastern end of the school near Eastern Terrace. (This is the old Dental Clinic). Contact the office for opening hours.

Seniors’ Jacket

This is only worn by students in Years 7 and 8.  Senior jackets are available from Mainland Uniforms.