New Entrant Transition to School

What is ‘Transition to School’?

The aim of this programme is to give your child a ‘Head Start’ with his/her progress, when beginning school and to make the transition a positive one for both you, and your child.

Our ‘Head Start’ Transition to School Programme

Our programme:
  • Will consist of 2-3 visits depending on your child’s needs.
  • Will ideally take place during the two to three weeks before they start school.
  • Involves your child in some structured learning activities.
  • Demonstrates teaching and learning strategies that you as parents/caregivers can use.
  • Clarifies expectations and requirements for success at school.
  • Helps promote the positive behaviours that will lead to success at school.
  • Involves a meeting for parents.
Sessions include:
  • Aspects of literacy and numeracy programmes.
  • Discovery based activities, which allows teachers to notice children’s interests and will be used to support programme planning and support friendships.
  • Handouts about: how children learn and make progress; how you can help at home and concepts/skills the children will learn in their first year at school.

New Entrant Resource Pack

Transition to School Slideshow