Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto offers many leadership opportunities for students of all ages. These opportunities are described below.

Student Council

The student council is a group of students from across the school who meet regularly to discuss issues that are relevant to students across the school.

Year 7/8 students may apply for the following roles in the student council:

  • Student Council Chairperson
  • Student Council Secretary
  • Student Council Treasurer

Each Team will also select one or two students to join the student council as their representative.

House Captains

There are four houses at Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto – Waimea, Fisher, Tennyson and Heathcote. Each house has two house captains and two deputy house captains who are selected from Year 8 students. House captains have a number of roles such as leading house picnic games with younger students, co-ordinating sporting events at lunchtimes, collating house points across the school, teaching and presenting house chants at assemblies.

IT Leaders

Student IT Leaders are responsible for setting up and running assemblies, waiata (school singing), productions and similar events. Their responsibilities include setting up and operating the sound desk, lighting controls, microphones, computers and data projectors.

Road Patrol

Road patrollers are responsible for ensuring students cross the road safely. These students are trained by a police officer in the correct use of the road patrol equipment and procedures.


Student librarians help run the library at lunchtimes. They are responsible for issuing and returning books.

Peer Mediators

Peer mediators help younger students to manage themselves in the playground.

Flag Monitors

Flag monitors are responsible for raising and lowering the flag each day.

Leadership Camp

In the Kauri Team, our Year 7/8 students also go on a special leadership camp where they learn about being an effective leader and undertake experiences that allow them to take greater responsibility for their lives.

Leadership Awards

Year 7/8 students are eligible for leadership awards. Students hold a range of positions and earn leadership points for carrying out their duties well. These points contribute towards gold, silver and bronze leadership awards.