Kōwhai Term 2 Week 7 News

Kia ora whānau,

What a lovely few weeks we have had settling back into our routines in the Kōwhai hub. Both the teachers and the students were very excited to be back.

We have seen lots of examples of "We Love Learning"  and "We Love Challenge" during Discovery time this week.

Some of the students also showed our "We Get There Together" value by helping to protect the plants in the new playground with Pip, Rowe and Paulette.

Just before lock down your child would have brought home their small booklet with login details for websites etc. Please make sure that this is sent back into school, as the students will be continuing to use these to log in during our learning times.

An update to the community calendar: at this stage we are not having a whole school cross country event happening this term. We will keep you updated with whether a smaller event may happen at a later date.

Next week we will be starting to create some sculptures in the style of Joan Miró. We have all sorts of things for the children to use to create their sculpture already in the hub. Your child may choose to bring some other bits in to help their plan and ideas come to life. The children will need to have a shoe box or something of a similar size to keep the parts of their sculptures safe. Please help remind your child to bring this in.

Your child will have started to bring home their reading books again this week. They may not have a reader every day, and on those days they can choose to read a book of their own choice. If your child is reading chapter books, they can continue reading these at home for reading every night. Each student has a list of essential words that are stuck in the front of their home learning book. These are to help them practise their spelling. The children can also use Studyladder and Nick's basic facts website to help practise their math skills at home. Please ensure your children bring their reading folder back into school daily. If the children do not have a reading folder, a reading book will not be able to be sent home.

This week our Kete Certificates have been awarded for:

Congratulations to Matthew Welch, Lukas O'Connor, Georgia Shaw and Aloise Armstrong-Gallot. Keep up the good work!

We hope you have a lovely long weekend!

The Kōwhai Team
Rowe, Nick, Tracey and Laura

Kowhai update Week 5 Term 2

Kia ora whānau,

We are very excited to see you on Monday. The teachers have been busy at work for the last two days preparing our hub for you to come in, making sure it is nice and clean for us all.

If you haven't had a chance to look at the video with some information about coming back, watch it now - it has lots of important things for you to remember. You may want to make it full screen to see it best.

Parents: here is a video with information for you about pick up and drop off. 

Some things to note for coming back to school:

 Drink bottles - The students will need to bring their drink bottles in each day and take them home at the end of the day. Please make sure these are named clearly with a permanent marker. The drinking fountains are all closed. If your child does not bring their drink bottle in, you will get a phone call from Jacky requesting you bring a drink bottle in. 

Skateboards - your child can ride a skateboard to school but it needs to be put in the bike and scooter area on Sandwich Road. It will be locked away throughout the day. 

Sanitiser - your children will be sanitising their hands every time they enter a space and exit a space. If your child has skin allergies and cannot use sanitiser, please contact your child's homeroom teacher and they can discuss this with you. 

Borrowed Chromebooks - if you borrowed a Chromebook,  please return it on Monday to the library verandah. Someone will be there to collect it.

That's all for now! 

Have a lovely weekend and we cannot wait to see you on Monday.

The Kōwhai Team
Nick, Rowe, Tracey and Laura 

Kōwhai News Term 2 Week 3

Hi Everyone,
Here is the latest news from the Kōwhai team.

Learning at Home
We have loved engaging with you via Seesaw and our Home Learning page and seeing all the amazing things you are doing at home. Below is a picture of the engagement of students at Beckenham from Year 1-4 on Seesaw over the last week.

What an amazing amount of work you have all been doing. Ka pai!

Here are some pictures of some of the activities students from Kōwhai have completed during their Learning at Home and shared with their teachers.

Welcome Assembly 
Here is our Welcome Assembly for Term 2. You may want to watch this in full screen so you can see it more clearly. 

This week Kōwhai celebrated 'We love Learning' for our Kete awards because of all the amazing work you have been doing at home. Well Done to Elijah Hakeagaiki, Alex Mackintosh, Mina Lazic and Flynn Mitchell!

Cyber Safety (when using school Google Logins)
As you may be aware from the school cyber safety agreement, Beckenham te Kura o Pūroto has various cyber safety systems in place in order to keep students safe. We have one system called "Highlights" that we would like you to be particularly mindful of during lockdown.

This system allows teachers to see Chromebook screens and/or Chrome browser tabs whenever that device or browser is signed into a school Google account during school hours. This is an important tool that teachers use to keep students safe and to offer support while students are learning. It also has privacy implications and is one of the main reasons we always ask and remind students to only use their school account for learning purposes. If you want you child to use their personal device/browser for others purposes or without the school cyber safety systems in place, then it is important that students sign out of their school account and sign into their personal account created by you. If your child has borrowed a school Chromebook, they should only be using this with their school login and for learning purposes.

We also utilise a specialised web filtering system to help keep our students safe online. This filter automatically alerts staff whenever a student account is potentially being used to access unsafe content on the internet. Like Highlights, this filter system is active whenever a student is signed into their school account, even if they are at home. If we receive a concerning filter alert during lockdown, we will contact you via email.

It is important to note that teachers never rely on just the filtering system. We work hard to actively monitor students' screens and always ask students to work in a place where their screens are visible. We strongly encourage you to adopt a similar approach at home by making sure children only use devices in a family area where they can be easily seen. We also encourage you to actively check that your child/children are using the device in a safe and positive manner.

Junior Neighbourhood Support Canterbury challenges you to…

Make a Stop Motion Lego Movie!

You can use lego or other toys to share one part of your Covid-19 isolation time.

Some ideas for experiences to share include (but are not limited to):
Keeping 2m away
Going to the supermarket
Staying at home
Leaving the house for exercise
Easter or ANZAC Day 2020

Send your entries to jns@canterburyns.net before Level 2 ends and we’ll put them into a movie that everyone can watch.

If you need some help getting started with Stop Motion, have a look at https://www.instructables.com/id/Stop-Motion-Animation-for-Kids/ 

Stop Motion Studio is a popular Apple and Android app to use to film and you should only need the free version. If you are using a Chromebook, you may like to try Stop Motion Animator (from the Chrome Web Store).

That's all for now.
Have a great weekend!

Kōwhai Teaching Team
Rowe, Nick, Tracey and Laura 

Kōwhai Team News Week 2 School Holidays

Kia ora Kōwhai kids!
We hope you are settling into your second week of lockdown and school holidays!

A message from Paulette:
Hi everyone!
Ben and I have been busy making a jump for him to practice his mountain biking skills. It's really awesome and he was even jumping over his toys to increase the distance he could go. I tried the jump, but was a bit too scared to go up and over as the jump is really big!
I've been busy in my garden too planting new vegetables, picking apples, figs and feijoas. Feijoas are my FAVOURITE so I'm pretty excited to have heaps to eat! I've been walking every day and it has been so cool to see lots of familiar faces when I have been out and about!

I am going to miss you all when I start my new job next week. It has been awesome to have been able to teach such a wonderfully kind, caring and creative bunch of children and know you will just love Tracey! Have a great Easter and I will pop in and see you all when the lockdown is lifted. Take Care xx

 A message from Tracey: 
Kia ora whānau, hope you are all staying safe and well in your bubble being kind to each other.
This week I have been enjoying the changing colours of Autumn and walks around the local area. 

 Doing lots of reading, playing Scrabble and spending some time in the garden on sunny days.

 Our cat DC has loved having us at home and spending time curled up on the couch. He loves it when I’m cooking as this means he has a chance to beg for scraps, he can be pretty persistent (very naughty)!


Stay safe and warm, I look forward to seeing pics from your holiday adventures.  

Here are all the things Pip has been doing this week.

A message from Laura:
Hi Kōwhai! I have spent this week taking lots of walks around my local community looking at all the gorgeous Autumn colours. I have also been searching for Teddy Bears on my walk. Have you been doing that too?

I have been having lots of video chats with my family and friends from all around the world! 

I also discovered a really cool search function in Google. If you search for an animal (like Lion or Giant Panda) into Google on a tablet or phone, you can then click on 'view in 3D' and it shows up in your room through the camera. Here is a picture of the lion in my bedroom! Ask an adult to see if they can help you try it! 

I have also started re-reading the Harry Potter series of books and am enjoying reading them while sitting out in the sun in my backyard!
Take care and I can't wait to hear about what you have been doing during this time.

Jeanette has been busy too. 
I have been making the most of the mild Autumn weather we've been having and enjoying a walk round the neighborhood every day (making sure I keep my distance from the other walkers out there!) I've also busy in the garden planting veggies such as broad beans, snow peas and bok choy which I need to protect from the many rabbits we have hopping around our place - I'm hoping one is the Easter Bunny and will leave us some eggs!

A  message from Rowe  :
Hi Kōwhai! You know how much I love painting and art. I suddenly felt inspired to start painting at home. As you can see I have also been making the most of sunny days and enjoying the vibrant colours of the Autumn leaves. Biking and walking around our local area have been part of my weekly routine too. I even tried a Les Mills fitness class on TV. I didn't know my legs were capable of bending so much. No photo included thank goodness! As you can see  I have been knitting my teddy a scarf to wear on those cold windy days. Missing you all!
Take care everyone. Bear hugs xxxx

A message from Nick:
Hi everyone! I miss you all and hope you are finding lots of fun things to do at home over the holidays.
This week, I caught up with family and friends via video conferencing, went for walks, did some art, constructed a pedestal, watched some movies and did some coding.

Here are some Kōwhai kids who have also sent through pictures of what they have been doing in the holidays.

Kia ora from the Kōwhai Teachers

Hello from all the Kōwhai teachers.
We hope you are all keeping safe and warm in your houses during this lockdown period.

We thought it would be nice to share what we have been doing over the past few days.

Laura has been playing lots of board games with her flatmates. Here I am playing Scattergories, which is one of my favourite games. I was also pretty proud to win Monopoly, with a final bank balance of 22 million dollars!

I have also been doing lots of baking - Chelsea Winter has a great recipe for Lockdown Bread - you could try to make it! Stay safe and take care x

 Pip has kept very busy! Here is a photo of all the things she has done this week.

Paulette has been keeping busy with Ben and Millie her cat. Millie has been spending most of her time sleeping or asking for snuggles! She's pretty persistent!

Ben has been sorting ALL his Lego into sets which is taking quite some time. We have needed 'hawk' eyes to find some of the pieces! It's like finding treasure when we come across a piece that we have been hunting for. 

Experimenting in the kitchen has resulted in us making bread, brownies, muffins and other delicious treats. My favourite has been the chocolate brownie. It was so delicious even though it had black beans in it!


I've been reading, doing puzzles and playing games with Ben. He so far is the master champion of all the games we have played. If you haven't checked out Epic yet, make sure you do as there are HEAPS of really cool books to read or have read to you. Stay safe and warm. I'm missing seeing all your lovely smiles and hugs! xx

Rowe has been pretending she's taking nice bike rides on the beach, but the exercycle and lounge views will have to do for now. 

She has also been partaking in scrabble championship matches with her husband and daughter. Her pantry has never looked so clean.

Nick has been making some online maths games, playing computer games, watching movies and reading.

Welcome to Tracey to the Kowhai team!
Tracey has been keeping busy. Thank goodness for our coffee machine, feeding the alpacas our veggie scraps and enjoying the recent sunshine during the lockdown. These things, along with reading a good book, are helping to keep things normal for me and my husband, Kevin during this time.  I hope you are all safe and staying well during the holidays.  I'm so looking forward to starting the new term with the Kōwhai team and whānau.  🌸😄

If you have a photo of what you have been doing throughout this time, email it into your teachers and we will create a slideshow of the pictures to put on our blog for next week! 

Take care and stay safe.
Kōwhai Teachers