Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 3

Kia ora e te whānau,

Here is the latest news from the Kahikatea team.

The Christchurch Antarctic Centre

The Kahikatea tamariki (children) and kaiako (teachers) are very excited to be heading to The Christchurch Antarctic Centre on Thursday 23rd June. The purpose of this trip is to consolidate the learning that our ākonga (learners) are doing this term around animal habitats.

Katie and Emma's home groups will leave school at 9am and return at 12:15pm, and Amber and Krystal's home groups will leave school at 11:45am and return at 3pm.

The curriculum achievement objectives that we are focusing on are...

Learners will...

- recognise that all living things have certain requirements so they can stay alive.

- recognise that living things are suited to their particular habitat

During our time at The Christchurch Antarctic Centre, the children will experience...

- a guided tour through the Antarctic Attraction and Penguin Encounter

- an 'Antarctic Storm' in the Snow and Ice Room

- a walk through the interactive gallery

- meeting some huskies

In order for this trip to go ahead, we require four parent helpers to come along per home group. You will be assigned a group of four to five children to supervise during the entirety of the trip.

Please email your child's home group teacher if you are able to help. 

Literacy in Kahikatea

We love literacy! Here is an example of how our timetable currently looks in regards to literacy. We will share more about maths and other learning areas in future blog posts, so check back in again soon!

That's all for now,

The Kahikatea Team


Team Kahikatea News Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 😃

It is wonderful to be able to welcome whanau into school grounds and for our school day to be returned to the usual 3pm. Thank you for continuing to follow our health and safety protocols and supporting your child/ren to do the same. We Get There Together!    

We are well into our learning programs and this week some children have a new literacy teacher. Please look in your child/childrens reading folder to find this HOME LEARNING notice: 

Kia ora e te Whānau,

Please find letter cards attached, for the stage your learner is working at in structured literacy. They can be cut up and put into the plastic bag and used at home. 

This is a copy of the Scope and Sequence your learner will be working through:

How can you help your child at home?

The emphasis in teaching spelling is to focus on the sound. Making the phoneme (sound) - grapheme (letter shape) connection is the first step in literacy learning.

Ensure that your child is saying the ‘pure’ sound without an ‘uh’ sound on the end, for example, ‘lllll’ rather than ‘luh’. Please refer to a Youtube clip, The Sounds of New Zealand English (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SePU-T4S-js) for more information on the sound that matches each of the letters.

In your pack, you will have the letters for the current level. It is helpful to look at the Scope and Sequence above to also revise what has been taught prior. 

Letter-Sound Connections

Speed Sounds: your child can look at each letter card and say the sound it represents. See if your child can do this at speed.

Writing the letters: you say the sounds and your learner can write the letters. If they are not confident with this yet, let them copy the letter cards. They could write them on a whiteboard, on paper, or could even make their own flashcards.

‘I Spy’: You can play games such as ‘I Spy’, using the letter sound (not the name).

Stepping Stones: Place the cards on the floor with the letter facing up, as if they are stepping stones across the river. Explain to your child that they have to cross the ‘river’ without falling in the water. As your child steps on each card they say the corresponding sound.

Fish or Memory: You could make up a matching set of letter cards, and use both sets to play Fish or Memory together, by placing both sets of cards face down on the table or floor. Each player has to be able to say the sound, if they are to keep a matching pair of cards.

Making words and non-words

Using the letters in the pack (and making cards for the letters taught prior), you can make CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant). For example in stage 1, you could make words such as ‘map’, ‘tip’, ‘sit’. If you learner is feeling confident with this, try making some ‘non-words’- e.g. ‘mip’. This can be done as a reading task where you make the word/ non-word, and they read it, or they can build the word with the letters as you say it (e.g. “make the word sit”, and they select the ‘s’, ‘i’, ‘t’ from the letter pack). After your learner has built the word, they can also write it.  From stage 5, you can also focus on words with two consonants at the beginning or end e.g. slip, tilt

Practise decoding

When the decodable story books start to come home, your child will have already practised reading each book several times at school. The aim is for your child to be very confident as they read each text to you at home. If your learner does hesitate at any particular word, you could encourage and support them to segment and then blend the sounds in the word to decode that word. They could then re-read the sentence from the beginning to ensure fluency as they read. 

If you would like to learn more about Structured Literacy or the Science of Reading (as it is also called), a good place to start is the Little Learners Love Literacy website, littlelearnersloveliteracy.com.au, under the tab ‘Why Little Learners Love Literacy’.

Have fun with your children, as they learn the letter sounds and how to blend and segment them!

Health and Well-being

We still need you to let us know if any of our children test positive during the holidays, please.

If your child tests positive, please email me (principal@beckenham.school.nz) with their name, and the date they either started symptoms or tested positive. We will be forwarding numbers to the Ministry of Education through the holidays. 

If your child/children need to isloate at home do take a look at our  Learning at Home Page . It is being updated for Term 2 and will have new themes and activiites to explore. 

Up-coming Events

  • Cross Country (Year 0-4) DATE To Be Confirmed
  • Tuesday 10th May Te Ao o Taonga Puoro (The World of Singing Treasures) 
The performance features 20 different traditional Māori instruments including pākuru, kōhatu, tumutumu, pūrerehua, porotiti, hue puruhau, poi awhiowhio, kōauau ponga ihu, pūtōrino, kōauau, pōrutu, ororuarangi, nguru, pūtatara, pūpū harakeke, karanga ruru, karanga weka, karanga manu and pūkāea.
As well as demonstrating the instruments, discussing how to play them and inspiring students to make their own, the programme features a number of pūrākau (old stories) that give background stories to the taonga.

  • Thursday 23rd June Antartic Centre Visit
An opportunity to learn about the incredible Antartic environment and it's animals. More informtation regarding parent helpers will be sent home soon. 

Ma te wa, Team Kahikatea





Kahikatea News Week 9 Term 1

Kia ora koutou!

What a wonderful nine weeks we have had in team Kahikatea! We have been so proud of the hard work from all of the tamariki in our hub. Thank you for continuing to support us at this time, especially by keeping up to date with information being shared via HERO and by keeping your children at home when they are unwell.

A Week in the Life of a Kahikatea Learner

Below is an example of a typical week in the life of a Kahikatea learner. You may wish to talk about this with your child/ren. Some questions to prompt discussion could include:
- What is your favourite time of the day at school?
- Who do you enjoy playing with during morning tea and lunchtime?
- Which time of the day do you feel you learn the best? Why do you think this is?
- What is your favourite learning area? Why?
- What have you learned so far about being sustainable?
- What have you been learning in Structured Literacy?
- What have you been learning about during Maths?

Learning At Home

Here is the Learning at Home link for those of you who may need to use it. We are adding and updating our content every so often. This includes activities for Learning Through Play, Maths, and Literacy. If you child completes learning when at home, they can share what they have done via Seesaw. We would love to see the wonderful work that they are doing at home! If completing activities isn't achievable for any reason, then that is absolutely fine too.

Kinetic Letters Handwriting Programme

We have loved getting our Kinetic Handwriting lessons up and running. Thank you for the care that tamariki have shown Bounce and Skip when they come to your place for a sleepover. The excitement of the children when they get to take the monkeys home is delightful.


It has been wonderful to address our concept-based curriculum theme of Sustainability in Kahikatea in the past week. By the end of this term, all children would have had a lesson about taking care of our outdoor equipment, indoor equipment, water conservation, and how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


One of the most popular toys played with during Learning Through Play is our dolls. We are on the hunt for more dolls, furniture for the dolls house, etc. to build upon what we already have.


Please name your child's lunchbox (including any small containers), drink bottle, sunhat, and school jersey. Please also remind your child/ren to please keep their shoes on at school. Children who do take their shoes off are encouraged to place them on one of the shoe racks in the hub and to put their socks inside their shoes.


Amber and Krystals home groups go to the library on Tuesdays, and Katie and Emma's home groups go to the library on Thursdays. Please ensrue that you child has their library folder with them on their allocated day.

That's all for now! Thank you for your ongoing support. Please feel free to get in touch via your child's teacher via email anytime.

Team Kahikatea


Kahikatea News Week 5 T1 2022

Kia ora Koutou!
What a fabulous and busy 5 weeks we have had in team Kahikatea. We have been very impressed with the hard work from all of our Tamariki. Thank you for continuing to support us at this time, especially by keeping up to date with information being shared via HERO. If you are having any trouble with this or you are not recieving notices or news from school please let us know. 

Kete Focus 

This week we have been focusing on using good manners, including waiting for our turn to talk, waiting patiently in a line to wash our hands, saying thank you and being polite to each other. When we do this consistently we are showing our school values: We Care & We Make a Difference. 

You can ask your child/children: how and when do you show your manners at school? 

Kinetic Letters Handwriting Program

We are very excited to be starting our Kinetic Handwriting lessons. Keep an eye out for the Bounce and Skip monkeys as they may come home with your child. If Bounce and Skip come for a visit they will be accompanied by a book with instructions for their visit home.

Jerseys and Hats 

A reminder that as the weather starts to cool down, please ensure that your child’s jersey is clearly named.

Every child is expected to be wearing their hat when they are outside. If your child has lost or misplaced their sunhat please encourage them to look for it here at school first and if it cannot be found please replace it.

Literacy Groups

Our team is in the process of carrying out our assessment schedule for literacy and once completed we will look at our groupings. 

We are continuing to with our oral language programs, shared reading with follow up activities, poetry, writing, spelling, phonemic awareness, handwriting and spelling activities. 

PLEASE NOTE: your child will not bring a decodable text home everyday. These are teaching books which are used many times by the teacher. Only when we know your child can read it fluently and with expression will we send it home. 

CONTINUE to read to your child/children at home, enjoy reading aloud and encourage them to explore books in all forms, such as picutre books, nursery rhymes, poems, non-fiction, chapter books and magazines. 


We love having recycling (boxes, newspapers, empty egg cartons ect) for box/construction activities. If you have any spare please send it in with your child - we would greatly appreciate it!

Finally, here are some photos of our hub and our gorgeous tamariki: 

Arohanui, Team Kahikatea 

Kahikatea Week 2 Term 1 2022

Kia Ora! 
We are so impressed with how well our tamariki are settling into team Kahikatea. Tamariki are becoming familiar with daily routines and expectations, making new friends and getting to know new teachers. These are important days and weeks as we work together to build positive relationships and to develop knowledge and understanding of each others strengths and skills. 

Morning Drop Off 

We are seeing lots of happy kids arriving at the Sandwich Road entrance each morning. Thank you so much for supporting your child to do this with ease. A quick hug and kiss goodbye is working so well for many of our tamariki. If you think your child needs any extra support at this time please let your child's teacher know. 


From Tuesday we will be starting group literacy lessons. We will run literacy (reading and wrting lessons) 4x a week from 9.15am to 10.15am. 

Our literacy program includes: 

  • shared reading
  • poetry
  • oral language and phonemic awareness
  • handwriting
  • alphabet knowledge and phonics
  • writing
  • spelling


Please name your childs lunchbox (including any small containers), drink bottle, sunhat and school jersey

Sunhats must be worn during PE and breaktimes

Please remind your child/children to please keep their shoes on at school. Children who do take their shoes off are encouraged to place them on one of the shoe racks in the hub and to put their socks into their shoes. 

Kinetic Letters Handwriting 

We will be starting this program again soon (once our new staff have completed the online training). 

The Bounce and Skip monkeys are all in need of some new jackets. If you have some sewing skills and would like to make some new ones that would be amazing!

Please email amber.donovan@beckenham.school.nz if you are able to help. 

Enjoy these gorgeous photos of our tamariki engaged in Learning Through Play...

Team Kahikatea: