Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 5

Kia ora e te whānau,

We have had a great week of learning in the Kahikatea hub. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of illness in our team, and many staff and students have been away sick. We wish you all a speedy recovery! We are so thankful to our amazing relievers for stepping in to ensure that our programmes have continued to run, our children have remained engaged, and we have kept smiles on our faces! 'We Get There Together'! 

Strike for Schools

What a show! It was wonderful seeing the professionals show their talent at last Monday's Strike for Schools performance. It was a great motivator to complete our own musical instruments!

Literacy in action...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Team Kahikatea


Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 3

Kia ora e te whānau,

We had a great week with our tamariki despite some challenging weather and the Cross Country and School Disco being postponed. We would like to thank you for your understanding. 

Nuts / nut-based products at school

This is another reminder that the Kahikatea team has students with nut allergies, one of these is life-threatening. Therefore, we are asking that nuts and nut-based products are NOT brought to school by your child. Nut-based products include items like Nutella, peanut butter, muesli bars containing nuts etc.

The team is also aware that some children may have other dietary requirements. Please talk with your child’s Homegroup teacher if this is the case so that they are aware and we can create a specific plan to support your child if need be.

Our policy at school is that children only eat their own food and not share. Teachers are reminding children about this, along with reminders about handwashing and putting food wrappings in their lunch boxes to take home.

If you have any questions please contact your child's Homegroup teacher.

Thank you for your support as 'We Get There Together'.

Music unit

The children have been super excited and engaged with our Music unit, which has focused on various elements of music, and different types of musical instruments. Most tamariki have designed and made their own instrument and today finished these by decorating them. Children who have been absent due to illness will have an opportunity to work on this next week.

On Monday, there will be a percussion performance called 'Strike to School' at our kura. We will get to see how people use body percussion and handmade instruments to create music.

Cross Country
We have re-scheduled our Junior Cross Country event to be on Tuesday 16th May. Children will gather on the park at 2pm and the races will start shortly after, starting with Year 4 and finishing with Year 0/1. 

Please feel free to come along and support your child/ren if you are able. Tamariki may wear their house tops on this day. Please ensure that they are wearing appropriate footwear.

Thank you for your support!

Learning Through Play
This term, we have continued to explore and engage in different activities for Learning Through Play, including water play, body movements with music, chalk art, drawing using Arts for Kids Hub videos, and so on. The children have had lots of fun!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Kahikatea Team


Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 1

Kia ora e te whānau,

It has been wonderful to see the children embrace being back at school this week after a slightly longer school holiday break. Over the past three days we have noticed children embracing 'We Love Learning' and 'We Love Challenging' as we settle back into our learning programmes.

Music & Technology Learning

Thank you to the many people who have collected their recycling and sent it our way! We will begin our Music and Technology unit next week. This unit will see us exploring how music is made, as children respond to elements of beat, rhythm, and tone. We will explore how different music makes us feel, as well as learn about some of the different families of musical instruments - wind, string, and percussion.

In Week 3, we have a group called 'Strike to Schools' coming to perform percussion instruments for us. We are very much looking forward to this! 

During Week 4 we will design and construct instruments using our recycled materials. It would be really helpful if you could have a conversation with your child/ren about what they would like to make leading up to this to ensure that they have the materials for their instrument ready to go.

This is the slideshow that will be shared with children when we begin the Technology component of the unit.

Mathematics in Kahikatea

This week for maths, our students have been focusing on using the statistical inquiry cycle. They have learnt about posing investigative questions, deciding on how to collect data to answer questions, sorting objects into categories for displays, making displays of data they have collected (pictographs) and making statements about data displays.

How amazing is this photo of the giant graph that Krystal’s Homegroup made? They read the book Greedy Cat and then created a pictograph of their favourite coloured cats. They even recorded the data using tally marks!

We are all extremely proud of the hard mahi that our students are displaying.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,
Team Kahikatea

Kahikatea News Week 9 Term 1

Term 1 Week 9

Kia ora e te whānau,

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! A highlight, of course, was our team trip to Ferrymead. It was a successful day, with our learners getting to experience a range of activities and transport themselves back to the 'olden days'. Another big thank you to our whānau helpers, you were wonderful.

Student Voice

"My favourite part was making an olden day toy."- Thalia

"We got to go on a tram! It was the only tram I've been on in my whole entire life that doesn't have walls!" - Neasa

"I liked the chickens, dressing up, and the river." - Sarah

"I liked the chickens 'cos they were fun to look at! My favourite thing to play with was the yo-yo." -Jace

"I liked having activities and the playground. I liked the horse toys and the skipping ropes." - Finn

"I liked the toy babies and the bikes!" - Maryam

"I liked the costumes!" - James

Home Spaces

On Thursday, we moved home spaces. Each teacher moved clockwise around the hub which means that:

- Katie's home group is in the Theatre

- Lisa and Quynh's home group is in the Atrium

- Krystal's home group is in the Breakout space

- Amber's home group is in the Nook

Making this move before the end of the term has allowed all of our learners to know where they will be when returning to school at the start of Term 2.

Uniform/ Lost Property

As summer draws to a close and Term 2 and 3 are ahead, sun hats are no longer a requirement at school. We will send home all hats on the last day of term. We will need them back at school for Term 4.

Over the holidays please ensure that all of the uniform items that belong to your child are clearly and accurately named. In some cases, there is a sibling's or previous owner's name on labels, which makes it tricky to reunite the items with their owner. 

For Terms 2 and 3, your child is welcome to bring gumboots and jackets to school. We have shoe racks and clothing racks to use for these items.  Please make sure these are also clearly named.


We continue our focus on innovation into Term 2, where the main focus is going to be on following a design process to make an instrument. We will explore different types of music and instruments, listen to a live percussion performance, learn about the technology design process, and make our instruments. 

We are looking for items to create these instruments with, such as...

- clean tin cans (with no sharp edges)

- clean plastic containers or bottles (not milk bottles)

- glass jars

- lids (tin or plastic)

- tissue boxes

- other small boxes

- cardboard tubes

- balloons

- thick cardboard

- rubber bands

Ferrymead Photos



- Last day of school for Term 1 is Thursday 6th April

-The first teaching day of Term 2 is Wednesday 26th April

Have a wonderful holiday break with your whānau.

Ngā mihi nui,

The Kahikatea Team

Kahikatea News Term 1 Week 7

Ferrymead Social Story

We encourage you to read through this Social Story before our trip next Friday. 

Toys/Bag Toys and Lanyards 

We have noticed a proliferation of bag toys, toys on lanyards and soft toys generally. Please remind your child/children that toys like these do not need to come to school. When they go missing children can become very upset and it can impact their ability to focus on their school day. 

Thank you for supporting us with this request. 

Learning Through Play 

Our learning through play sessions are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and after morning tea on Fridays. 

The amazing tamariki in team Kahiaktea have been demonstrating: 




Wall Displays in Team Kahikatea 
Here are some of the display in our hub - come on in and check them out the next time you are at school! 


Team Kahikatea