Kauri Whānau: End of term 3 update

Last week was pretty massive, as we packed up, farewelled our Beckenham hub and moved to our Beckenham @ Champion St hub. It was wonderful to see so many parents at our new location for lunch on Friday. Our new spaces are looking good, with beautiful artworks outside and new furniture inside our light filled hub. We are lucky to have a breakout space too. 

Getting to school in term 4:
From day one of next term, children will need to be at school between 8:20 and 8:25am. They check in with a teacher, by Eastern Tce, and then board their bus. The buses depart at 8:30. Flag monitors and bus monitors will need to be at school by 8:15. 

Help needed:
On the last Friday of the holidays, October 7th, the rest of our new furniture will arrive at Champion Street. The tables will be in flat packs. We are looking for a team of parents to help us put these together. Please email Nicky if you are able to help out. Exact times will be confirmed next week. 

One of our Passion Friday groups for next term is all about learning to knit (we may learn about crochet too). If you can knit and would like to help out between 11 and 12:30, please email Nicky. Even if you could just make one or two Fridays, that would be appreciated. We are also collecting any donations of wool. 

Take care and enjoy the holiday. 

Last photo opportunities. Our old hub comes down next week.

Enjoying to new sports equipment at Champion StEnjoying the new sports equipment at Champion St...


... and the new furniture.


Our Burton Morris inspired kiwiana murals look fabulous.
















Kowhai Newsletter 23rd September

Hi everyone,

Wow! What a busy last week we have had in preparation for our BIG move. Everything went extremely smoothly and we are all happily settled into our new learning spaces. Our teaching teams worked exceptionally hard yesterday to ensure the new learning spaces were set up for the children on Friday. Although we have moved location, we will remain being called Hub 5/6 (old staffroom), Hub 7 ( Room 19- Library) and Hub 8/9 ( Rooms 21/22). 

Parent Help

We would really love the assistance of more parents to help us in Term 4. Your continued support with our class programmes is highly appreciated. We understand that many of you are busy, however, any time would be greatly accepted. Please contact your Hub teacher(s) to let them know if you are able to help. We would love any interested parents who would like to take a small group of children to Thorrington Resthome each week and another parent who would be keen on baking pizzas with a group of children each week.
Thank you - A huge thank you goes out to all the amazing parents who have offered to help in our team this term. We appreciate your support with our programmes and trips.

We were thrilled to see such an incredible turn out at our Kowhai  Team Dance Extravaganza last week. The children loved sharing and performing for you and we were inundated with many positive comments from you all. Don Ferguson has kindly offered to put a performance video together. We will send out a link when it is ready.

School Books
If your child has any school reading books or library books at home, can you please put them in a safe place over the holidays. We would love the return of any reading books and Anne would dearly love the return of all the library books. Library sessions will return to normal next term.

Neighbourhood Support
Congratulations goes out to Mia Aramowicz and Ben Newton who received awards at our school Celebration Assembly yesterday. They both demonstrated being honest when finding wallets in the park and handing them in so they could be return to the correct owner. We love how they are living our school values of 'We Care', "We Make a Difference' and 'We Get There Together'.

Have a safe and restful break and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.
Kowhai Teaching Team

Koru Blog Term 3 Week 9

Over the holidays...
Can children in hub 10-11 please save and bring in one clean yoghurt container at the start of term 4? Thanks

Firstly, we hope you enjoy family time and stay safe over the holidays. 
Secondly, keep reading over the holidays....stories before bed, going to the library (the new Halswell library is worth a visit). Ask your child questions and make predictions as you read, e,g. 
* Who is your favourite character and why?
* What might the ending be? 
* Why did the author write the book? 
Also, model reading strategies for your child, e.g.
* Using the initial sounds
* Noticing the end sounds
* Reading-on and re-reading when you are unsure
* Notice if your reading does/doesn't make sense

Market Day


Hub 10/11 - Feeding the ducks and ducklings! (Jewel afternoon)


Hub 12-13 Discovery
Here we are working together and discovering new ways of learning.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Kahikatea Newsletter Week 9

Enjoy the break and Time with your Children

We are very proud of all the learners in Kahikatea. Have a well-earned rest and enjoy the wonderful spring weather. 

Term 4

Term 4 starts again on Monday 10th October and finishes ten weeks later on Friday 16th December.
The following are some things we are going to be looking forward to learning and sharing next Term (dates to be confirmed in our newsletters closer to the events);
  • Athletics - Run Jump Throw
  • Visit to the Art Gallery
  • School Reports
  • Kahikatea Production

Food and Water

We have noticed our children having big appetites and as they grow they will need more food. Heading in to Term 4, please make sure they have enough food to last them through the school day including; A Healthy Snack, Morning Tea and Lunch.
Water is extremely important for health and learning. Please send a drink bottle to school for your children to access throughout their learning day. We encourage our tamariki to hydrate regularly.


Protection from strong UV rays is important. Please make sure you child brings their named sunhat to school for Term 4.


We have been writing poems about special people in our lives. We have used similes and metaphors to give the reader a vivid picture of our special person.


Sandy is a bell bird because she can sing like a princess.
She is sparkly because she is beautiful like a butterfly.
Sandy is going to be the princess of the whole entire world.
Sandy is going to be the queen and Sandy will be the boss of Earth.
I love Sandy as a principal
I love school

By Moa


My brother is as cool as an eagle. 
Fierce and brave
He is black because he wants to be an All Black.
My brother is like Nike shoes.
He's super fast!
He is as soft as a blankly.
He gives me the best hugs.
He is like a wood cutter because he can make you a radio.
I love my Josh!

By Michaela


Jaxon is like a cheetah because he can run and run.
He is red.
He stands out in a crowd and can run past a cheetah.
Jaxon is strong like a cupboard. 

By Jaimie

Hub 2 Spring Similes
We had fun learning on Thursday with our lovely seniors. Here are our similes we created then shared with their help;

Group 1 - Spring: as cute as a duckling, the water is as brown as chocolate, as fun as spring, as good smelling as flowers, as delicate as a flower, the water is as sparkly as a diamond.

Group 2 - Spring: flowers smell as nice as perfume, ducklings are as soft as a cat, flowers are as beautiful as a butterfly, rain is like a cloud, rain falls down like a shower, sky as blue as the ocean, rainbows are like colours in the sky.

Group 3 - Spring: as blue as the sea, as smelly as a flower, as soft as a cat, as bright as the sun, as beautiful as the sky, as beautiful as a flower, as beautiful as a rainbow, as pink as a flower.

Music Stations

Learning a musical instrument is fantastic for brain development. We have been creating our own music on the glockenspiels during Discovery Stations, which is "more fun than the ipads!"

Asia Awareness

We have created robots that will help someone from another country with settling in New Zealand or Beckenham School. Our challenge with creating it was to get it to stand by itself. This took a lot of team work, planning, discussion and masking tape! We demonstrated that We Love Learning, We Love Challenge, We Get There Together and We Make A Difference. Check our creations out:

Beckenham School Newsletter 23 September 2016

Principal's Patch

Kia ora koutou

Building and moving update

The building project finally has the GREEN LIGHT and it is all about to begin. What a busy and exciting week it has been - with today being spectacular from start to finish. The moving trucks arrived at 8am, and by midday all of the items being moved to Champion Street for our Year 5-8 classes had been safely delivered. Our Year 5-8 students took part in a might Quiz in the hall whilst the packers were doing their work.

The afternoon saw the whole school disappear into the hall for an AMAZING Talent Quest. Congratulations to all of the finalists - Tamsin, Ailie and I were the judges and we had the very toughest job of the whole day!

At the same time, Paulette and Michelle were directing the moving team once again, moving all of the Year 3/4 classes into their new learning spaces.
The staff have all put in very long hours this week - it was always going to be needed - and we are really looking forward to our first day in our new learning spaces, at Champion St and at Beckenham, tomorrow, before everyone takes a well-deserved break for the holidays.

Year 7/8 students start the day tomorrow by going to South Intermediate for technology - the bus will be leaving at 8:55am.
Year 5/6 students need to be at school at the normal time, and to meet in Hub 14/15.
Assembly will be in the hall for everyone at 9:15am.
At 10am, the Year 5/6 students will make their way to Champion St by bus.
Parents and whānau of our Year 5-8 students are invited to join us at Champion St from 12:30-1:30pm for a barbeque lunch. (Please park on the street, being aware of residents' driveway access)
The Year 5-8 students will all bus back to school to be ready to go home at 3pm.

To make life easier (we hope) we have decided to stick with the learning hub names that children and teachers have been using all year, even though the rooms themselves might be different.
This is particularly important if you are ordering lunch through LunchOnline - if you have the wrong room number in their system - your lunch might get delivered to the wrong site!

So - parents please double check your LunchOnline account and make sure that you have the correct room down for your child - especially in Year 3/4 - as follows:

Mike/Paulette/Gayle - Hub 5/6 (working in the staffroom)
Gayle - Hub 7 (working in Room 19)
Anna/Rebekah - Hub 8/9 (working in Rooms 21/22)

Thank you all for your patience and support with the building process so far. It has been a very slow journey to date, but now that we are actually underway, we are very hopeful that it will be a more streamlined process.

I expect to have pre-site meetings with the building team very early next week, and will then be able to put out information before school starts about what to expect when you return.
I know that there is much interest in the community about seeing the classrooms that are being relocated leave - so I will email out a schedule for that when it is confirmed.

Best wishes to all for a restful holiday. We are very excited about seeing you all again, to what will look like quite a different school for everyone, on Monday 10th October.

Ka kite anō
Sandy Hastings

Important Dates

Upcoming Events

Fri 23 Sept
Assembly - 9:15am - All welcome
School finishes at 3:00pm

Mon 10 Oct
Term 4 commences.
Yrs 5-8 be on Eastern Tce between 8:15and 8:25am for 8:30am for buses to Champion Street
Years 1-4 classes start at 8:55am

Term Dates

Click here to view the 2016 and 2017 term dates.

Citizen of the Week

Name - Emma Kneale Year - 4

Emma, you are a shining example of an independent and self-motivated learner. You always strive to do your personal best and you set and achieve your learning goals. We love how you lead by example by consistently making great choices and 'doing the right thing' in our hub. You have a creative imagination and kind and caring nature that sees you having many friends and we feel very fortunate to have you in our team. Tino pai!

Sharing our Learning

Pohutukawa Team

Last Thursday the sun rose with a smile on its face as it saw the awesome event at Beckenham School. It was the culmination of hours of innovation, enterprise and hard work - the Pōhutukawa market day.

All term we had been learning about different countries in Asia. Many of our families come from Asian families and they were able to share their culture with us. Groups of children formed small businesses. They researched the food and culture of their chosen country to create a product. They worked together to design packaging, create advertisements, conduct surveys and make prototypes. Shopping lists were written. Ingredients were purchased. Then began the hard work of making amazing products to sell.

Thank you everyone for the support you gave to us. It was wonderful to see you lining up before school to buy market day tickets. It was even more wonderful to see you at the market, buying our products and enjoying the wonderful market atmosphere. Thank you also to our lovely parents who supported us by helping with making products and by donating extra ingredients.

The market was a financial success. Once we had deducted the ingredients we made a profit which will be used to reduce the cost of our camp at Living Springs next term.


As part of our health curriculum, Teams Pōhutukawa and Kauri will be teaching sexuality education in Term 4.
We are holding a parent evening on Thursday 13 October at 6.30pm in the hall foyer.  Paul Scammell from Family Planning will explain the programme based on the resource THE SEXUALITY ROADSHOW.
If you have any questions or concerns about the programme this will be an excellent opportunity to find out more.
This is a parent only evening, however we can organise a separate room for your child to watch a DVD if you are unable to organise a babysitter. Please let the office know if you would like to take us up on this offer.

Staff News:

We are thrilled for Amanda McLean and her partner who are expecting their first baby in the new year. Amanda is one of the NE teachers in Hub 10/11. Amanda will be taking next year off as she takes on the new challenge and joy of motherhood.

Community Notices

(Notices placed here are contingent on space and do not reflect the views or opinions of the school.)

Malthouse Theatre: BACKBEARD - the hairiest pirate who ever lived!. 

24th Sept - 9th Oct, Sat & Sun at 11am and 1pm.
All tickets $8 book online at www.malthouse.co.nz