Jack Flash and the Jumping Beanstalk

What a blast we all had watching this play today! There were amazing smiles and great laughs had by all. This would be a fantastic opportunity to have a chat with your child and see what they remember from the play. It certainly had a different story line to the original Jack and the Beanstalk! 

What’s on in Term 4 Week 3

Kia ora whanau,
What a lovely warm week we're having, and lots of fun and excitement as we head towards our Beckenham School Centenary weekend!
The following are some events and notes of interest through to the end of this week and for the week to come:

Keeping ourselves safe -
Our local constable, Constable Ross, will be visiting each class throughout next week. Please keep an eye out for any home learning coming home in relation to our Keeping Ourselves Safe programme. It would be fantastic if this was completed and then sent back to class each day, as this home learning  may be referred to in class the following day.

Beckenham School Centenary - 
If you haven't indicated that you are going to be away this weekend, would you please drop your children off at 11 a.m. this Saturday (this is slightly earlier than previously mentioned) to their classroom where teachers will mark them as present on a roll. The children will then go with their teachers to perform outside Hub 3 and 4. Following the performance, would you please collect your child from the veranda outside Hub 3 and 4. Please speak with your Point of Contact teacher as you take your child so that we are able to tick them off on our rolls and know that they are safely in your hands.
Also please remember that classrooms will be open between 12 noon and 1 p.m. to view the beautiful art works which are on display.

Lost property -
A lot of unnamed items have been left at school from dress up day last week - if you are looking for anything in particular you will find unclaimed items in the lost property box located in the office.

This Friday
We have our school open day on Friday and there are going to be a lot of ex-pupils walking through our classrooms to view teaching and learning in our Modern Learning Environments. Would you please remind your children of this? We will be wanting to keep our classrooms neat and tidy - it would be fantastic if you could check your child's bag and take out any unnecessary items to support your child with managing their belongings.

Pride assembly -
Our next PRIDE assembly will be held on October 30th at 10 a.m. Any parents are welcome to attend whole school assemblies.

Athletics -
We will be starting our Athletics programme in Week 4 (on Wednesday, November 4th). Please send your child along in appropriate footwear for 'running, jumping and throwing' each Wednesday through to the end of Week 8 (Thursday, December 3rd - not a Wednesday, however this Thursday is our proposed date for showing parents some of the activities we have been involved in).

Please note that a letter will be emailed out next week to let you know about any important dates through to the end of the year.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as are able at school on Saturday!

Best wishes!
Te Whanau Koru


We are very lucky to have Angus from Canterbury Sport in our school for the next few weeks to teach Pohutukawa children some skills to play volleyball. So far our children have learnt to dig, set and spike the ball over the net. Check out some pictures from our first session!

Practicing our spiking technique

A powerful serve from one of our students.

Will she be able to hit it back? 

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Victory!

At the end of last term all the hubs at Beckenham School were given a country to represent. We were challenged to learn about the history, language and culture of that country and present our work to the RWC judges (Sherrilee and Michelle!). Hub 14/15 were given Fiji and although we were kicked out of the tournament very early on, it did not stop us from going all out. We transformed our hub into a Fijian paradise complete with a coconut tree, ocean, ice cream bar and 50 children in their togs lounging on their beach towels reading. Jamie also did an amazing job at playing some relaxing tunes to really set the mood. We all had a fantastic time and to top it all hub 14/15 was voted by the judges the BEST in the senior school. The only thing that can beat that is if the ABs bring the cup home again!

Term 4 – What’s on in Week 2?

Welcome back to Term 4. We trust you and your children had a relaxing and fun holiday. Term 4 is always a very busy term and this year is no exception!

Dates of note:

Thursday 15th October
  • Shake Out! Practice ( Earthquake drill) - your children did extremely well during this practice. Well done, Te Whanau Koru!
  • Hub Photos- These will be available for purchase if you would like to purchase one. Information will be sent home with your child.
Friday 16th October
  • Rugby World Cup Mufti day- what a wonderful day we all had! Children arrived at school wearing clothing with a french flavour (Hub 10 & 11) or (in Hub 12 & 13) shorts, t-shirts and jandals, as well as other Oz-related items!
Next Week:
  • Monday 19th Oct- Keeping Ourselves Safe parent info session will be held at 2:15- 3:00 p.m. in the Staffroom;
  • Tuesday 20th Oct- children will be attending a play performed by NZ Playhouse- 'Jack Flash and the Jumping Beanstalk';
  • Friday 23rd Oct- School open day as part of the Centenary celebrations;
  • Saturday 24th October- School Centenary Day- Children will be performing their folk dances. Please ensure you have informed your teacher if your child is unable to attend.

PTA Calendar Fundraiser - your child's calendar art is now available to view in the office foyer. Children have put a great deal of effort into these works of art. They make beautiful Christmas presents for extended family members!

Sunhats - Please ensure that your child has a wide brimmed hat at school. All children must wear a hat during Term 4. Those who do not have a hat at school must play under the covered walkways or on the hall steps. It is also a great idea to ensure that your child has sunscreen on before coming to school.

Drink Bottles - Please ensure that your child has a bottle of water at school each day.

Friendship List - You will have received an email and link through to

our team Friendship List. A reminder that access to the link will close off at the end of the day on Tuesday. Adding your details to the list will ensure that play dates can continue over the long summer break!

Beckenham School Centenary - We are all looking forward to Labour Weekend and our Beckenham School Centenary! Please remember that classrooms are open for visiting, not only next Friday, but also on Saturday between 12 noon and 1 p.m. (a great opportunity for you to bring family members along to view the children's classrooms and the beautiful art work on display!).

First day at school - beautiful!

Les enfants Francais, creating works of art in the style of Claude Monet.

Hubs 10 and 11 had a fabulous French Friday, complete with croissants, petit pain au choclat et baguette avec camembert!

Friday took on an Australian flavour for the children in Hubs 12 and 13!