Koru Wk 10 News

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Team Koru!
Thanks for a wonderful year of learning and fun. Read about some of our final week activities.

* Students have lost jumpers and hats recently. Please check at home and in bags. Many thanks.
* Run Jump Throw is on THIS Friday at 11.15 sharp. Children may wear house colours and need: named drink bottle, sensible running shoes and a sunhat. 

Champion Street Visit
What a fun time had by all on our trip to Champion St. Koru students did a variety of buddy Christmas crafts with senior students. The older students also showed us around their learning space.

Hub 10 & 11

Kia ora,

Over the past couple of weeks we have been watching and learning about tadpoles turn into frogs. This has lead to learning about other life cycles as well. A big thank you to Nicole (Layla's mother) for bringing the tadpoles in! Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are going to release them into the local Beckenham Ponds. We will walk down around 2pm and return before 3pm. Please ensure you child has their sunhat.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Charlotte and Amanda

Koru Term 4 Week 4

What an action packed fortnight we have had! Read below to find out about some of the activities we have been enjoying.

*Koru Performance: Fri 18th November 2pm, in the Beckenham School Hall
*Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle and sunhat every day. The hot weather is upon us and we are eager to keep children sun-safe and hydrated.

Reading with Dogs
Noah's Mum has kindly brought their family dog Lottie in to read with Hub 10-11...thanks Nathalie!


We have observed a lot of action on the building site next to our Hubs. We have written about the builders and diggers, and also read stories to help us find out more about construction.


Maths in Hub 10-11
Hub 10-11 have been learning about multiplication using animal stories e.g. how many altogether, if I have 3 owls in each group? There are 4 groups. We have also been learning about fractions and practising addition and subtraction.


Maths in Hub 12-13 
We have been learning about doubles in Hub 12 and addition to 10 in Hub 13. At Maths time we enjoy our self-directed learning activities. Every day we can choose from a number of activities including writing numbers, number bingo, shape magformers, block constructions, making number booklets, counting penguins and Maths jigsaws.  

Teddy Bears Picnic  Term 3
We all had an absolutely fabulous time at our Teddy Bears Picnic at the end of Term 3 and here are some of the lovely photos capturing the joy of this event. It was so much fun making our teddy beds and blankets as part of our Maths measurement unit. Most of all we loved hearing Teddy stories with our parents.

Maybe it is because our children are used to the sight of diggers and dump trucks in Christchurch that it is just like another day at the office as far as being surrounded by these machines is concerned. It has been great motivation for oral language and writing in our Hub.
We enjoyed the stories  written by Sally Sutton called Demolition and Construction. The Builders Cat by Gwenda Turner is another lovely book you may like to share with your children.          
Image result for builders cat book gwenda turner 

Writing about Diggers in Hub 12-13

I saw the claws.
I love diggers. Crunch!
By Davish

I saw a digger yesterday at Beckenham School. Smash went the digger.

By Bonnie

The digger crashed the classroom down.

By Ayla

I saw the digger smashing down the building. I saw the grabber.

By Finn

Crash! Bang! Smash! The digger looks like a crocodile. It is breaking the building down for a new classroom.
By Hatsumi

I was driving a huge digger. It was fun! It looked like a chomping dinosaur. It has long wheels to smash the floor.
By Quinn

Zzzzzz down went the tree. The dust spread all over the place.
By Xavier

We saw the humongous tree come down and there was a man with a chainsaw.
By Bobby

Rumble! bang! Crash! A yellow digger was lifting a piece of wood. It looks like a chomping dinosaur.
By Elsie


Koru Blog Term 3 Week 5

The SPCA came to visit! 

The SPCA talked to the children about what they do and how to care for animals.

Learning Sight Words

A novel way of learning some sight words! Can anyone better this? These two had lots of fun inventing this new game.

Thank you !!!!
Thank you Amy McDaid  so much for the many hours you spent making the beautiful painting smocks for Koru children. You certainly modelled the Beckenham Kete of We love Challenge and We Make a Difference.The children love these and I'm sure the Parents will too.They thought the different colours were very cool and were very excited.At long last paint free uniforms hopefully.A dream come true.

We can learn a lot through playing and talking with our friends.

This group of children tested their developing measurement skills during Discovery Time when a one car garage needed to be extended to accommodate three cars! The children learned from each other as they discussed how to make sure that all three cars were going to fit.

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