Cyber Safety and BYOD Agreements

Kia ora koutou

Last Friday, we sent out a Learning Conference newsletter that did not have the links to the cyber safety agreements. Here is the cyber safety section of that newsletter with the links attached.

Cyber safety Agreements (all students) and BYOD Agreements (Y5-8 students)

You are encouraged to take some time before the Learning Conferences to read through our cyber safety agreements so that you can bring any questions you might have about them to the Learning Conference. At the Learning Conference, you will be given a copy of these agreements to sign. 

Kōwhai News – Week 10, Term 3

Litter-Free School

This week, the Kōwhai students have been working hard to keep our school litter-free. Each home group has been involved in one of the daily clean-ups and we even have some students who have taken it upon themselves to scour the school for rubbish in their own time. We are really impressed with the wonderful difference the children are making to our environment.


The children had a lot of fun and learnt some new gymnastics skills during our recent trip to the Christchurch School of Gymnastics. Here are some photos of our trip:


This term Nick and Kate's home groups have been learning to play the recorder with Josie, our recorder tutor. The students have worked really hard and have learned to play several songs.

Paulette and Rowe's home groups will have the opportunity to work with Josie next term.

Year 4 – Keeping Ourselves Safe Egg Challenge

As part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe Unit, the Year 4 children are going to become chief babysitters for an egg! Yes an egg! The children will be responsible for the egg for up to four days and will have to take care of the egg at all times. The children can name their egg and create a bed or house for their egg. If the children want to leave their egg, they have to engage another person to egg-sit!

The aim of this activity is for the children to learn to look after themselves and others – a theme that comes through the KOS programme.

The children will hopefully get an appreciation of the hard work you do as parents!

This will be an egg-citing challenge, and an egg-ceptional week. I am looking forward to watching your children become responsible and egg-tremely great parents!

Thank-you for your co-operation!

Cross Country on Monday

Our school cross country is on Monday 6th May. The Year 3 race will start at approximately 2:15pm and the Year 4 race will start at approximately 2:20pm. The children will need to wear appropriate footwear and are welcome to wear their house shirts on Monday.

Here is the map of the route that the Year 3 and 4 students will take:

The route is as follows:
  1. Start at the cricket pavilion facing school
  2. Run towards school
  3. Turn right to run parallel alongside school
  4. Turn right to run away from school and in front of the tennis courts
  5. Turn right to run along the back fence behind the row of trees.
  6. Turn right to join the gravel path that runs in front of the cricket pavilion. 
  7. Stay on the gravel path and follow it along the ponds and back up to the school for a second lap of the park.
  8. Turn right and run behind the tennis courts.
  9. Turn right to run along the back fence behind the row of trees.
  10. Turn right to join the gravel path that runs in front of the cricket pavilion. 
  11. Turn right, guided by the cones into the finishing shoot.

Passions on Thursday

This week, the Pōhutukawa Team's passion learning session will be held on Thursday instead of Friday. If your child needs to bring anything special for their passion learning project (e.g. Lego or other toys), please remind them to bring it to school on Thursday.