Kauri Whanau: J-Rock costumes

We had a great last day of term at Beckenham putting together our J-Rock performance and identifying what still needs work. A reminder that performance day is Thursday May 18th, from 9am until 9pm.

Many thanks to those of you who have offered to help with J-Rock fundraising, food preparation and costume sewing. If you haven't signed up for this yet, and would like to, please click here.  I will contact costume sewers in later this week, or in the first week of term two.

Below are the costume requirements for each part. Some children have several parts. They will let you know who they are.

All girls (except the 'old' school children): black footless tights / leggings and black singlet or camisole.

All boys (except Joel and Fynn): long black pants (no logos showing) and plain black t-shirt (this can be a patterned one turned inside out).

Pond / Flames / Fire: Costumes will be sewn for these parts.

Builders: Overalls / dungarees or checked button-up shirts

Maori welcome: Sherrilee is helping us to source costumes for these parts.

'Old' school children: A white button up shirt (blouse) and black culottes for the girls and trousers for Joel.

Soldiers: Jarred is trying to source jackets and hats. If anyone has access to these, please let us know.

Modern school children: Black base and red school polo shirt.

Earthquake dancers: Black base and a fluorescent vest, either yellow, orange, pink or green.

If you are able to source your child's costume, that would be great. If you are able to help with items such as dungarees, checked button shirts, white button shirts and fluorescent vests, for other children, please let one of us know. If you need help sourcing any items for your child, please let us know by week one of term two.

Many thanks for your support with our J-Rock performance.

Beckenham School Newsletter April 13th 2017

Principal's Patch

Kia ora koutou

We feel some sense of achievement, having made it successfully through our second term of building work, with smiles intact and learning continuing on pretty much as usual.

Building update:

Today has seen the office move to the Minor Room , where it will be for Term 2. The hall, hall foyer and office reception will be part of the building site now, until the end of Term 3. The hall is being partially reclad (at the park end) where it is a leaky building. The foyer is getting a new front - windows and double doors to create a more welcoming entrance to the hall, and a new roof across the foyer and office reception area (which is being retained as an additional multi-purpose space).

The bike stands area will be relocated during the holidays to the Sandwich Road side of Rooms 1-4. Eventually we will put new fencing around this area. For Term 2, it will have temporary fencing.

The staffroom has been relocated from the hall foyer to Room 13 (behind Tony's garage).

For those of you watching the progress on the new buildings, you will have noticed the the West Hub (next to the Toy Library) is looking very smart with windows and doors now in, including the lovely red and yellow windows. The internal work happening in this building is massive with numerous different tradesmen (yes - sadly there haven't been any female tradies on site yet) working on their various trades at the same time. The East Hub has made a major transformational leap this week, going from a concrete pad on Monday morning, to a building with a roof by lunchtime today.
During the holidays, the diggers will be digging a stormwater pit in the junior grass area. This will be filled with a special stormwater retention system, and then reseeded. We do anticipate that this area will be partially fenced off for most of Term 2 whilst the grass is regrown.

Parking continues to be a real challenge and we thank you very much for your patience, and for being prepared to park and walk during this time.
We are continuing to have challenges each day around 2:55pm with the buses not having quite enough turning space from Martin Ave into Eastern Tce, causing additional congestion. If parents could refrain from parking on the river side of Eastern Tce in this spot, it would be a huge help.
The same goes for where the buses park on Eastern Tce. Please remember that BOTH sides of the road are NO PARKING so that our children can get on and off the buses safely, and traffic can continue to move along this area.

Welcome to our new Executive Officer

We look forward to properly welcoming Vicki Renwick to our team at the start of next term. Vicki will be joining our Administration Team to take over the payroll, accounting and minor property management work. Vicki has 12 years of experience in working in primary schools doing this work already and we are looking forward to having her on our team. She has been in doing some hours over the last couple of weeks to support the handover, and is excited about starting full-time next term.

Vicki Renwick - New Executive Officer

Getting going in Term 2

Please remember that Term 2 begins on TUESDAY 2nd May as we have a staff professional development day at Champion St on Monday 1st.
BOSCO are taking bookings for this day for those families who need it. This day does not count as part of our number of days we are required to be open - as we have accounted for this day in the total number of days we will have been open for the year.

As we are going into winter, and the buses to Champion St are running very smoothly, we have adjusted the departure time from Eastern Tce each morning to 8:40am.
This means that no children should be at school before 8:30am please. This particularly applies to children in Years 1-4. The teachers will not necessarily be in the classrooms before 8:30am and, if they are, they do need that time for preparation. We will call you, if children are arriving at school too early. BOSCO may be able to assist in the morning, if you need to drop children off before 8:30am.

Learning Conferences

These will be happening in Week 2 of the term. A separate email was sent out today about how to book these. Please check it carefully, and book straight away, to get a time that will work for you.

Contacting Teachers and Getting Messages to your child... 

We are becoming aware that text messaging teachers is on the increase. Whilst this can be a very handy way of communicating with people, we would request that text messaging is not your primary form of communication with your child's teachers. There are many reasons why we request this:

  • Some of our teachers prefer not to give out their personal numbers and we fully support and respect that.
  • Our teachers are so busy that they occasionally leave their phone at home by mistake, or forget to charge it - meaning that they can't check their messages even if they want to!
  • Teachers are very busy during their working day (from 8:30am at the latest, through to 5pm at the earliest) and may not check their phone during this time - certainly not with any regularity. 
  • Sometimes teachers are not at school - they may be on a course, or away sick and if the message is urgent, or for your child, no one is aware that the message hasn't got through.
  • If teaches get text messages when they are at home they often feel compelled to respond immediately. We have asked them not to do that in the interests of trying to separate their work life and home life.
  • Text messages can result in miscommunication which we are always desperate to avoid.
Therefore - if your message is important - PLEASE phone it through to the office and we will ensure that it gets heard and responded to in a timely fashion by the appropriate person.
If your message is not urgent, an email may be appropriate. However, please be aware that it may take a couple of days for a teacher to respond to an email as they can't do this during their teaching time and are more often than not in meetings after school.

And finally...

I hope that you all have a restful break and are able to spend some quality time with your children over the next two weeks. Travel safely, if you are travelling, and we look forward to seeing everyone back in Term 2.

Ka kite
Sandy Hasting
Principal - Tumuaki

Important Dates

Upcoming Events

Term 2:
Please note - we have confirmed Monday 1 May as a Teacher ONLY Day.
Term 2 will start on Tuesday 2nd May.ReplaceWithUpcomingEvents

Tue 9th May
2 - 6pm Learning Conferences

Thu 11th May
2 - 7:30pm Learning Conferences

Fri 12th May
1:30  -3 pm.  Yrs 5-8 Cross Country at Beckenham Park

Wed 17th May
9am - 1pm.  Zone Cross Country at Halswell Quarry.

Term Dates

Click here to view the 2016 and 2017 term dates.

Citizens of the Week

Mahli Boreham - Year 4

Mahli, you are an active learner who asks questions and explores different ideas to extend your knowledge. You are always focussed during learning and you use your strong leadership skills to support others to do the same. Mahli, you regularly give up your time to help others. You put your hand up for every leadership opportunity and we have come to rely on your help, especially with ICT. Thank you for always being so willing to help us. You make Beckenham School a better place. 

Sharing our Learning

Kowhai Team

Get NZ Writing
Hub 7/8/9 have recently been involved in the very exciting Get NZ Writing programme run by Warehouse Stationery. This involved writing a metaphor poem about ourselves in the style of Iain Sharp and writing our favourite line from this poem on a postcard. We also created a poster about our hubs and then sent these posters and all our postcards to 2 different schools in the North Island. They then, in turn, sent their poetry and posters to us. It was very exciting receiving their parcel only a few days later! The children worked hard to create some amazing poems. Here is an example of some of them:

The Luigi Poem

Luigi is a speed train, whizzing through a long tunnel
Luigi is a tall tower, standing up to mean things
Luigi is a meatball, rolling through learning
Luigi is a fast cheetah, running in a race
Luigi is a ginormous tree, each leaf is a shiny star
Luigi is a cuddly teddy, warm and soft
Luigi is a pair of sunglasses, soaking up the sunny day


Fergus is my best friend. He has a big brother and sister. Their names are Isaac and Meg. He has blue eyes that shimmer brightly like diamonds. He has short brown hair and a little fringe. Fergus has freckles on his cheeks. He is 7 like me.
Fergus has a dog called Pippi. Pippi is a black and white border collie. He also has a cat and two guinea pigs. Tobu is the name of  his cat and his guinea pigs names are Round About and Ask Him. He says they are going to get a black and white tropical fish and a zebra because all of his pets are black and white!
Who is your friend?
Do they have a pet?
How old is your friend?
Can you answer those questions?

By Quinn Clarke Year 3

My Nana

My nana is very smart. She is tall with grey, spiky hair and she’s got green eyes. She is also very talented. She likes knitting and we like doing art together. Whenever I ask her to play with me she is nice and says “Yes.” She is very loving and she always makes me laugh. Nothing hardly ever makes her sad. She is always happy!
My nana likes cooking and she is awesome! Sometimes we make coloring books for each other and also we color them in. We also do cooking for nanas friends. Only sometimes she is too tired to do anything.
One thing she likes is fashion. Sometimes she lets me get out all her makeup and I can make her into anything I like. One time when I made her into a witch I took her outside and showed every one. Even the people walking on the footpath looked scared of Nana with her witch face on. She lets me do that a lot. I laugh at her when she’s got her beauty mask - on especially when she’s taking it off.

By Layla Jenkins Year 3

Making A Difference

As part of our inquiry into our identity, we have been investigating what makes us unique and special as a School. This has seen us exploring our school values and asking, ‘How can we make a difference to others?’ The children across Kowhai Team have been working in collaborative groups designing activities for a Beckenham Top Team event. Communicating and contributing to discussions, listening to others, problem solving, synthesising ideas have been some of the skills needed to create an original activity. Later on this week, each hub will teach their games to children in team Koru. We hope this experience will make a difference to our buddies through them learning some new skills and developing relationships with their older buddy.

Inspiration Stations
We begin each day with Inspiration Stations. These activities are set up to provide opportunities for the children to explore, communicate, inquire, problem solve, experiment, collaborate and self manage which are necessary skills for 21st century learners. Each session has a particular school value or key competency as a focus. We want to educate the whole child; social, emotional, physical, as well as cognitive.  We believe the best way to do this is to ensure that children have opportunities to explore and inquire. The deep thinking, discussions with others and self direction have resulted in some incredible outcomes and most importantly the children LOVE it! 

School Notices

Dental Care over the School Holidays 

The Community Dental Service will operate an emergency service over the school holidays. This service is to provide relief of pain only and will not undertake ‘routine’ treatment. The service will be available each working day from 8:45am until 12:30pm from the Hillmorton Community Clinic, Sylvan Street, Christchurch for the following times:

Tuesday, 18th April to 21st April 2017 (excluding weekends)
Monday, 24th April
Wednesday, 26th April to Friday, 28th April 2017 (excluding weekends)

This service will operate by appointment only and if we are unable to see your child, alternative options will be given. If your child has dental pain as a result of an accident please contact your dentist in the first instance.
You can phone and make an appointment for the emergency clinic by ringing 0800 846 983.

Sports News

Sports Results: Canterbury Duathlon

Our top duathletes competed in the Canterbury duathlon on Monday. That’s right, the day it rained constantly all day! These duathletes are made of tough stuff. Despite the soggy conditions, our 15 children represented the school superbly, flying the ‘we love challenge’ banner. A big thanks to the parents and Tracy Inwood who made sure they kept as warm as possible. Congratulations go to the following children who finished in the top 25 places in their race. There were over 100 competitors in each section.

Girls 9 years: Jain Cooper 7th, Hebe Butland 12th
Boys 9 years: Harper Ford 6th
Girls 11 years: Tilly Harris 25th
Boys 11 years: Joel Kingham 25th
Girls 12 years: Kaia Joergensen 2nd, Amelia Cunningham 3rd
Boys 12 years: Alex Braun 17th

PTA News

Congratulations to

...the students who took part in the Huxter Mountain Bike Event at McLeans island last Friday. After torrential rain on the Thursday, the track was suitably muddy, but the day was fabulous and everyone who took part looked to have had a fabulous time!

Congratulations also to Gail Beedles (one of the amzing Teacher Aide in Room 20) for her team's success in the New Zealand Dragon Boat Association National Championship last weekend... see this article on Stuff about their amazing clean sweep of their categories.

Community Notices

(Notices placed here are contingent on space and do not reflect the views or opinions of the school.)

Kia Ora koutou,

We have grant money available!
With Support from the Red Cross, the Methodist Mission is going to be able to help fund 180 small street, neighbourhood or community events over the next 14months that promote social connectedness.

We are inviting proposals from individuals, neighbourhood groups, community organisations, churches or resident associations, anyone keen to have a small or medium sized local event. This funding covers the Christchurch, Selwyn, Waimakiri, Hurunui and Kaikoura Districts.

For more information and updates please like our Facebook page.

YMCA After School Recreation Programmes Term 2 Enrol now!

The YMCA Christchurch offers a wide range of after school recreational activities to cater for those of all ages and abilities, during school term time.

Miniball & Basketball
Get your child involved and see them develop skills, friendships and a team spirit while also staying fit and healthy.
Gymnastics & Dance
Both programmes are designed to help children develop their motor skills, confidence, balance and body awareness.

All programmes are $95 a term.  To enrol pop in and see us at 13a Bishopdale Court, Bishopdale Mall, or for further information and online booking go to www.ymcachch.org.nz/children/recreation/

Future Ferns (Year 3 to 5)

If your child is still interested in playing netball, registrations are possible via the Cashmere Netball Club. All trials will be held at Hagley netball Courts. Registration available on the day.
 2017 Fees: $100.00

Imagination Yoga News

Yoga Classes for Christ​church Kids!

​School Holidays​ - Wonder Kids Workshops​
Monday 24th April: Yoga & Rockclimbing for 4-6 year olds
Wednesday 26th April:​ ​Yoga & Rockclimbing ​for ​7-11 year​ olds​
Thursday 27th April:​ ​Yoga & Sewing ​for ​6-12 years​ olds​
More info: siouxiesolar.com/upcoming-events

​Term 2 Imagination Yoga Course (IY): The Call of The Wild!
Introduce your Child to the world of yoga, meditation and being awesome everyday.
​Age Groups: 4-6 years and 7-​11 years
Dates: ​Tuesday 9th May ​-​ Saturday 1st July (8 weeks)
Focus: Animal Yoga/Movement, Nature Studies, Body Language & Self-Expression
More info: siouxiesolar.com/imaginationyoga​
​Phone Lou on 0226 250 321​

St Thomas of Canterbury College: 

Open Morning:  Wed 10 May 8:30-10:30am. Enrolment enquiries email: eels@stc.school.nz or  Ph: 3487010, ext 701

St Margaret's College Open Day

12 Winchester Street, Christchurch
Time: 10:30am to 1:00pm
Principal's Address: 11:45am
For further information: 03 353 2563 or enrol@stmargarets.school.nz

Shirley Boys' High School:

Open Night Thursday 25 May 6:30-8:30pm.  Commencing in the assembly hall, entrance off Nth Parade. www.shirley.school.nz

Surfkids Childrens Surfing Programme

Learn the skills of Surfing in a fun, safe environment. All equipment provided and professional instruction from Aaron Lock and team. For kids 8 - 14 years.
Sundays 10am to 12pm until 30 April
April Holidays : 18 - 21 April, 24 - 28 April, 10am -12pm
Cost $30 per day or $135 for five. Bookings essential.
Venue :Sumner.
Call Aaron on 0800 80 SURF (7873) or register online at www.surfcoach.co.nz

YMCA After School Recreation Programmes Term 2 Enrol now!

The YMCA Christchurch offers a wide range of after school recreational activities to cater for those of all ages and abilities, during school term time.

Miniball & Basketball
Get your child involved and see them develop skills, friendships and a team spirit while also staying fit and healthy.
Gymnastics & Dance
Both programmes are designed to help children develop their motor skills, confidence, balance and body awareness.

All programmes are $95 a term.  To enrol pop in and see us at 13a Bishopdale Court, Bishopdale Mall, or for further information and online booking go to www.ymcachch.org.nz/children/recreation/

Futsal Holiday Programmes

Age: 6-14 year olds
Dates: 26th, 27th and 28th April 2017 (WEEK 2)
Times: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Venue: St Thomas's of Canterbury College
Cost: $37.50 per day ($112.50 for three consecutive days) 10% discount of second child when registering two or more siblings.

Keen to play? Click here to register

GIRLS ONLY Futsal Holiday Programmes

Age: 6-14 year olds
Dates: 27th and 28th April 2017 (WEEK 2)
Times: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Venue: St Thomas's of Canterbury College
Cost: $37.50 per day - 10% discount of second child when registering two or more siblings.

Keen to play? Click here to register

Mainland Football Outdoor Holiday Programmes
Age: 7-14 year olds
Dates: 26th, 27th & 28th April 2017
Times: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Venue:  English Park
Cost: $37.50 per day ($112.50 for three consecutive days) 10% discount of second child when registering two or more siblings.

Keen to play? Click here to register

Activity Zone

Come and have fun at the new Shirley Library After School Club!
There will be technology, games,
crafts, books, and most of all -- FUN!
Every Monday during term time
Suitable for ages 6-10
FREE! Bookings not required, however space is limited
Caregivers please remain in the library during the session

End of Term Class Parties

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday 13th April) we are having our class parties across the team. Your child is able to wear mufti and needs to bring along a piece of fruit to help make some yummy fruit kebabs.
We have all worked really hard in our Hubs to get to have our class party!
Don't forget the PTA are also having their hot cross bun fundraiser tomorrow. $2 for a delicious hot cross bun. All money made will go to our outdoor spaces fund.

Kowahi Teaching Team

Kauri Whanau Update: Term 1 Week 11

Thank you:

As term one draws to a close, we would like to thank all of the parents who have helped to make some of the more exciting aspects of our programme possible. To those who cooked, encouraged and supervised on camp, to those who joined us to run activities or sleep over night at leadership camp, and then there are more who have helped out with the running of, and transportation to, sporting events. A big thanks to Ivo who runs our Friday code club. We love teaching your children, and with your partnership we are able to offer so much more than we could on our own.

Thursday April 13th: 

On the last day of term, we will be spending the day at Beckenham, so we can use the hall for J-Rock rehearsals. Children need to meet at the hall at 8:50. Please do not order lunch-on-line for this Thursday. Do bring $2 for a hot cross bun.

J-Rock is on Thursday May 18th. This is a full day and evening commitment for all children in our hub. A bus will take the children to Horncastle Arena in the morning. Parents or caregivers will need to arrange for the collection of children at 9pm from Horncastle Arena. 

Inquiry Learning:

Inquiry learning has been a big focus at school over the past two weeks and will continue to be this week. We are aware that some children are requiring more support to stay on track. The children are showing a positive attitude to the challenge this learning requires, and to keep the experience positive, we are going to give them a 'do less better' message on Tuesday. Over the weekend we have read each child's work and given them feedback and next steps. We would rather they revise and improve what they have done so far and get maybe at least one more slide done, than rush to have something written on each slide. Many children will need to be spending some time on this at home as well as at school this week. Thank you in advance for encouraging this to happen.

Seeking more parent help:

Leading up to and on the day of J-Rock we need parent support for the following:

  • In order to take part in J-Rock there is a substantial participation fee. We will be holding two fundraising events next term to meet this cost. The first is selling jelly and ice-cream. We will do this in week 2, on the Wednesday for Beckenham and Thursday for Champion St. We are looking for one parent to help supervise some students to run this fundraiser. 
  • On the day of J-Rock we are at Horncastle Arena from 9:30am until 9pm. Children will bring their lunch. For dinner we would like some parents to help prepare a finger food meal. In the past this has been an american hotdog, muffin and piece of fruit. 
  • We are currently thinking about costumes for our performance. Some of these will need to be sewn. Prototypes will be made and we will need parents (grandparents etc) to do the sewing.
If you can help with any of the above, please click on this link and fill in the quick form

Looking ahead to ski day in term 3:

We have booked our annual ski day at Mt Hutt for Thursday August 17th. To transport the children we will book one bus and would like to use parent transport for the rest of the children. We need to know now, who would be able to help out and provide transport on the day. We are after people who are experienced in driving on ski field roads and have suitable cars, ie 4WD. Please click this link if you would be able to help on this day. 

Winter sports help required:

We are still looking for people who could help coaching teams in the Friday winter sport competition at Hagley Park next term. If you are able to help with hockey, football or netball, please email Jenny. jenny.diggle@beckenham.school.nz


Last Thursday, following a fantastic swim in our South Zones Swimming Sports, Daisy, Juliette and Kaia represented Beckenham school in the Canterbury Swimming Sports. All three girls swam well, doing themselves and the school proud.  A special well done to Juliette who was placed third in breaststroke.

A big thanks and well done to Amelia and Hannah who co-presented a workshop with Nicky, at the Delving Deeper conference for teachers last Thursday. What awesome ambassadors for our school.

After a week of downpours, the rain cleared just in time for the Huxter MTB Schools Relay last Friday. Four keen mountain bikers from the Kauri Hub competed alongside hundreds of other children, doing multiple laps of a very muddy McLean's Island course. The feedback from parents told of a very enjoyable and well-run event. Alex came an impressive second place his age group. 

Kowhai News Week 10 Term 1

Hi everyone,

What a wet week we have had. The children impressed us all this week by demonstrating wonderful manners even though they had to spend most of the week inside. We are all pleased to see the sun shining once again!

PTA Hot Cross Buns THURSDAY 13th April

On Thursday, the PTA are selling hot cross buns as a fundraiser for the outdoor spaces. Hot crossed buns will be $2. 

Circle Time

Circle Time is one of the many things we do to promote well being amongst the students at Beckenham School. Each week for 30minutes, we provide the children with the opportunity to discuss and share how things are going and to provide the time to create solutions to any problems. This week our focus has been around compliments. We discussed how giving and receiving compliments makes you feel. Over the next week we will be continuing to demonstrate kindness to each other and compliment one another when we see great things happening! Hopefully your home will be filled with compliments too!

Class Parties
Each Hub has been working towards individual hub parties this term. The time has finally arrived for them to take place, so here are the details! The parties are all on THURSDAY and the children across our team can wear mufti and bring along a toy and a piece of fruit to make fruit kebabs with. 

Team Learning 

Hub 5/6 were invited to join the children in Hub 3/4 to talk about the future of our Beckenham school playground. The younger children had designed their ultimate playground and written descriptions. We got into buddy groups to share the learning and the Year 3/4 children gave feedback on their work. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to be big buddies and show some leadership. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Kowhai Top Team Planning
This week we have been working in collaborative groups, planning and designing a Top Team styled event for the children in team Koru. Working collaboratively has provided the children with the opportunity to develop some skills that are necessary for being 21st century learners. 
The children have had to articulate their ideas, listen to each other, acknowledge group contributions, problem solve, give compliments and synthesise ideas. Wow! 
Next week they will implement their game by running a mini Top Team event. At this time, the children will be learning how to be effective communicators, organised, well planned and give positive feedback to the children in team Koru as they participate in their game. We are sure they will do an amazing job!
Group discussion and sharing of ideas
Hub 5/6 Inspiration Stations
This week in Hub 5/6, the children have had the opportunity to make pom pom pets, replicate one of our new learning spaces using lego, design and create marble runs, paint buddy rocks, make certificates for our buddies, creating comic strips to name a few. These activities provide the children with the opportunity to become effective communicators as they discuss their learning, problem solve, share ideas and take on the roles of tutor and tutee. The discussions this week have been incredible. They children have demonstrated deep thinking and a natural willingness to support and help each other. 

Parent Help - We Need YOU!

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to offer their services to help support our Hub programmes. Putting away books, reading with children, playing games are some of the ways you can help. We love having parents in our Hubs and this partnership enables us to add more to our programme to help support our young learners!

We have a close relationship with Thorrington Resthome and would love to continue this again this year. We need one parent who would be willing to take 10 children to Thorrington Resthome as a M.A.D Time option each Friday. We are happy for this to be on a roster basis too!

Each Friday next term, we would love to provide the children with the opportunity to bake pizzas at school. This would involve helping the children in the kitchen to make the pizza bases, create their pizzas and clean up. If this sounds like you, please contact: paulette.newton@beckenham.school.nz

That's all for this week

Kowhai Teaching Team