Post Earthquake update…

Post-Earthquake update

Beckenham School is open as usual today. We have had an engineer check our Beckenham site and the Champion site is also being checked. Everything is as it should be. Buses are operating to Champion St as normal.

We do understand that normality and routine for children and families is important and our goal is to provide this.

We also recognise that some of you may want to keep children at home today.

We will be assessing the numbers of children that we have at school today and may end up joining some classes together so that we can send some of our staff home. We have staff who have evacuated from their homes and/or taken in evacuees, and have had very little sleep as a result.

Our goal today is to provide as much normality, in a low-key way.

Our thoughts are with those who have experienced any loss or damage.

Kia kaha

Sandy and the team

Beckenham Newsletter, 10 November 2016

Principal's Patch

Kia ora koutou

Staffing Update

We are at the stage of the year where we have managed to successfully complete our full-time teacher appointments for 2017 and are able to share these with you.
We have some changes in our teaching teams, as a result of staff taking leave and resignations. We look to ensure that we have a range of skills and expertise spread across the teams to provide a strong and balanced team in each area of the school.
This year, we have had two permanent staff members on leave.
Megan Harris took the year off to spend time with her family in Dunedin. Sadly for us, Megan has now decided that her heart lies in Dunedin and that she will continue to live there for the foreseeable future. We wish her all the very best in that journey.
April Chapman left us during the year to become a mother to her beautiful daughter, Alexandria. It’s no surprise that April is loving being a full-time mum and we are pleased for her that she has found a position that will suit her new family commitments, teaching music one day a week at Halswell Primary School. We wish her all the very best with that new career change.
At the end of last year, we encouraged Rowena Barker to take on the Acting Team Leader of the New Entrant Team for this year. Rowena has been a fabulous Team Leader, and has reminded us that she was just filling in for the year, never intending to continue with that role beyond this time. We are grateful for the leadership that she has provided.
Susan Walsh has decided that she would like to relinquish her leadership roles at the end of this year, and focus her energy into classroom teaching. We are very grateful for the leadership she has provided and we are pleased to be able to retain her skills and expertise.
Tracy Inwood has requested, and been granted, a year’s leave for 2017. Tracy and her husband Phil plan to visit family in the UK for a time during 2017. We are likely to still see her around school, in a part-time and/or relieving capacity in 2017.
Amanda McLean will be taking maternity leave for 2017 and we wish her all the very best with becoming a mother for the first time.
We say farewell at the end of the year to Jo Smith, who has been taking our most recent New Entrant class in Hub 13. Jo’s experience, calmness and caring has been the perfect fit for our newest children and their families.

New appointments:

We have been very lucky to attract a new senior teacher to our teaching staff and Leadership Team. Sue Leadbetter will be joining our staff in 2017, moving with her family from Oakura School in New Plymouth. Sue is a Cantabrian who has previously been Deputy Principal at St Martins School and we look forward to welcoming her back to Christchurch.
Gayle McNaughton and Jenny Diggle have both been reappointed to our teaching staff and we are delighted to retain their skills and expertise.

So… working through all of the above, we have put the following teaching teams together, and we are confident that we have all the right people in the right places for 2017!

New Entrant, Year 1 & Year 2 (will be one team in 2017 instead of two)

  • Sue Leadbetter (Team Leader)
  • Rowena Barker
  • Amber Donovan (and Dorinda Hampton - part-time)
  • Caitlyn Downing
  • Gail Hulme
  • Charlotte Verity

Year 3/4 Team

  • Paulette Newton (Team Leader)
  • Mike Matulewicz
  • Anna Reid
  • Rebekah Stoop
  • Susan Walsh

Year 5/6 Team

  • Amy Buick (Team Leader)
  • Nick Bruce
  • Katy Chapman
  • Gayle McNaughton

Year 7/8 Team

  • Nicky Dunlop (Team Leader)
  • Jenny Diggle
  • Jarred Skelton

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing Show Weekend. 

Ngā mihi
Sandy Hastings
Principal - Tumuaki

Important Dates

Upcoming Events

Mon 14 Nov
1:30-3pm Pohutukawa (Year 5/6) Speech Finals in Beckenham School hall.

Tue 15 Nov
6-8:30pm  Board of Trustees Meeting in the staffroom

Wed 16 Nov
9am-3pm  Summer Tournament for yrs 7 & 8 at Hagley Park

Fri 18 Nov
2-3pm  Koru Celebration performance in the School Hall

Wed 23 Nov - Fri 25 Nov
Pohutukawa School Camp at Living Springs

Wed 30 Nov
9-10am  CSM Blow Test for students wanting to start learning a band instrument in 2017
1:45-3pm  Junior Athletics
PTA Meeting in staffroom.  7-8:30pm.  All Welcome.

Thu 1 Dec
6-8pm  Board of Trustees Meeting

Term Dates
Click here to view the 2016 and 2017 term dates.

Citizen of the Week

Name - Oliver McLachlan Year 2

Oliver, it has been amazing to watch you grow this year as a confident, caring and enthusiastic member of our Hub. You have enjoyed learning about growth mindsets and have applied ideas around perseverance, problem solving and empathy into daily life at school. You thrive with responsibility and take pride in being a positive role model to others. Your fantastic attitude towards learning has enabled you to come on in leaps and bounds in many learning areas. We are so proud of all your efforts and contributions Oliver. Tino Pai! 

Sharing our Learning

Kowhai Team

Inquiry and writing

Kowhai team  have been learning all about different habitats. We are investigating where animals live, and how different animals are suited to their habitat. We are exploring what would happen if animals had to swap habitats. Could they survive? What adaptations would they have to make? We can't wait  to create our own diorama of a habitat to showcase our learning.
We have been investigating the characteristics of various animals that enable them to live in a particular habitat. We have applied this knowledge to invent a new animal and have identified the key attributes they need to survive in a particular habitat. This coming week, we will be exploring how changes to an environment can impact on animals and what they need to do to adapt to these changes in order to survive.

Fennec Fox

The Fennec fox who is sometimes referred as the desert fox, is the smallest in the entire world. They can grow from 6-15 inches long. They weigh 2 kilograms. They are the only fox you can have as a pet.
Fennec foxes are nocturnal (they hunt at night). They have very soft fur and big ears that help them hear their predators. The Fennec fox is not endangered.  Fennec foxes live in deserts and grassland like the Sahara desert and the Savannah grassland. 
Fennec foxes eat plants, reptile eggs, and birds. They can cope without having water. The Fennec fox has sharp claws which help them dig their burrows. Their ears are so sensitive that they can hear insects such as beetles and locusts walking on the sand and also locate underground prey. 
So after all that, I hope you have learnt a lot about the Fennec fox. I love Fennec foxes!

By Ilia Henderson

Snow leopards

Snow leopards are a member of the wild cat and panther families.
They are a warm blooded large cat. Snow leopards have grey and white fur, rosettes on the flanks, spots on the head and neck, they also have long tails. 
Snow leopards are found at altitudes between 9,800 and 17,000 feet high in the rugged mountains of central Asia.
In captivity, female snow leopards most often bear 2 or 3 cubs in a litter, though there can be more.
Snow leopards eat almost anything they can catch, often hunting animals three times their size. They prey upon blue sheep of Tibet and the Himalayas.
Snow leopards don’t have any predators at all, they are at the top of the food chain.
Snow leopards weigh 77-120 lbs [ 35-55 kg,] their height is 2 feet. Their tail length is 1m. Female snow leopards are about 30% smaller than males.

By Ella Newton

M.A.D (Make A Difference) Time

This term the children have been given the options of:
Photography - Learning how to use the ipad to take photos, how to take a variety of photos, editing and creating photo frames.
Stop Motion Animation - Learning how to make an animated story using lego.

Drama - Learning drama  skills and applying these to create a short performance.
Thorrington Rest Home - Visiting our local rest home to make connections with the elderly residents. The children read stories, chat and sing them songs.
Sewing - The children are learning a variety of sewing skills as they create a monster pillow.
Christmas Crafts and Cards - We are lucky enough to have the assistance of Nicola Arnott who is teaching the children how to make various Christmas crafts and cards.


We are enjoying getting out into the sun and training for our Junior school athletics day later on the term. We have been working on high jump, relay running, shot putt, discus and long jump.

Papier mâché animals

The Hub 7 children have been enjoying learning about different habitats and adaptations that animals have to make in order to live in their environments. For our visual art unit this term we have been constructing papier mâché rainforest animals.  The children have been working hard and showing a lot of attention to detail and persistence when making the animals' bodies out of sculpted wire, and newspaper.  We have diligently added layers of newspaper to the rattle snakes, butterflies, tigers, chameleons and a variety of insects. Our next steps are to paint and decorate the rainforest animals to make them look as life-like as possible.  We hope to display these for all to see.

School Notices

Thank You!
We would like to extend a big thank you to 2 organisations who have supported Beckenham with some recent donations. Firstly, Mitre 10 Hornby for donating 15 bird house kits for our Kowhai team to make during their ‘Make a Difference’ time. Also, a big thank you to Carpet Kingdom who donated some carpet for our library when it was relocated to the dental clinic.

Parking is an issue on Eastern Tce...vehicles are parking where the buses are supposed to be and also on the other side of the road making it very narrow. Please take some time to check the signs on Eastern Tce and ensure that you are not parked there during bus times. This helps to keep traffic flowing, and to keep our children safe.
FOUND: by the Big Adventure Playground: Crimson wooden jewellery box with assorted jewellery inside.  Come to the office to collect.

Community Notices

(Notices placed here are contingent on space and do not reflect the views or opinions of the school.)

Starfish Swim School

Bookings for January holiday program
are now open!
Week one: 16th – 20th January
Week two: 23rd – 27th January
Cost is $60 for the week
Or phone us at: 03 3381795
2 Nash Road, Halswell

Peak Personal Training
...runs a Women's Wellness Boot Camp at Beckenham Park. It's fun, friendly and accommodates all levels of fitness and abilities. Join us by the Tennis Courts on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm. Casuals welcome. Contact if you would like more information.

Camp Information and Gear List

Planning is well underway for the Year 5 and 6 camp at Living Springs. As you already know, we will be leaving from Beckenham School on November 23. The children need to meet us in the school hall at 9:00am on this day. After the camp, we will return to Beckenham School between 2:30 and 3:00pm on November 25. We will wait in the hall for you to pick your child up.

The children will be sleeping in carpeted bunk rooms, which can be heated if required. As well as regular meals, there are three snack times during the day.

The programme is challenging, stimulating and safe. The activities include: swimming (heated pool), farm park visit, group initiative challenges, orienteering, walking and recreational activities.

All children will be well supervised and all risks well managed in accordance with our Camp Safety Action Plan and the Living Springs Risk Management Strategies. It will be an exciting learning opportunity for your child.

Thank you very much for the many offers of parental assistance. We were overwhelmed and we’re sorry that we can’t take everyone who volunteered. These are the parents who will accompany us:

  • Chris Flynn
  • Matt Cowie
  • Phill Coxon
  • Matthew Reid
  • Brent Craig
  • Corey Archer
  • Rod Gray
  • Ashley Tough
  • Matthew Cornfoot
  • Simon Kingham
  • Nicole Haines
  • George York
  • Sarah Freeman
  • Jane Brittenden
  • Jane Parrett
  • Brett Sutherland

The list of gear the children will need to bring can be found here. It is not necessary to buy the items listed. For such a short time, it is better to borrow.

Please contact your child’s home group teacher if you have any questions.

Athletics Day

8th November 2016

Dear Whanau

Junior Athletics Day  – 1:45 - 3:00 Wednesday 30th November 2016

This term we have been working on the foundation skills of athletics. We have had weekly lessons focussing on running, jumping and throwing. On Wednesday 30th November 2016 we would like to invite you along to school to watch the Koru, Kahikatea and Kowhai Junior Athletics at 1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. We will start outside the hall on the junior side and move out into Beckenham Park. Children are invited to wear their house colours for the day.

If the weather doesn’t allow, we will postpone it until the following week on Wednesday 14th December 2016. This is a timely reminder to please ensure your child has a hat, drink bottle and is wearing shoes that are comfortable for sports every day.

If you have any questions regarding this please see your child’s teacher or Amy Buick.

Kind regards,
Koru Team, Kahikatea Team and Kowhai Team.             

Kahikatea Team Newsletter Term 4 Week 5

Here are some photos of Hub 2's Art Gallery Trip 

That Tree!!!

Meeting 'Robert'

Even the bus ride was fun!

Art Gallery Trip Writing

The big tree was fun today because we could climb on the branches like a monkey. I had so much fun.       by Ally

I went to the Art Gallery. We made animals with clay and I saw a gnome. It was golden and it was fun. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens and it was fantastic and it was fun too. Then we went on the school bus and then we were at school, but wait! Even my Mum was there and I loved it. Well at the Botanical Gardens we played at the big tree. Well, do you want to know what I made with clay? A Tiger!     by Alexandra

We went to the playground. We had fun. The bus ride was awesome, that was cool. The tree was cool. The clay was awesome. The clay was cool.         by Arthur

The trip was amazing. First we went on the really cool bus trip. I loved it. Then off the bus we walked to the Botanic Gardens. I was interested to see what the new school trip would bring. After, we walked to the playground to have lunch. The playground was awesome, it was much better than the one at school. Then we played in an astounding tree. We could fit the whole class in it. 
Then we crossed quite a few roads to get to the Art Gallery. It was amazing. We saw an enormous gnome and a TV that showed a seal breathing. It gave me a big fright. We also saw a bunny. It was so cute. it was from the movie Bambi. Then it was time to make clay monsters. I made a clay mouse. it was awesome. I loved it but then it was time to go. 
The bus trip back was awesome. I was exhausted. I could have gone to sleep if it wasn't so loud.
      by Bobbi

At the Art Gallery I made a bird and it was awesome! It was made out of clay. I left it at the Art Gallery because it needed to dry. Then Hub 3 will bring it back to me. My Dad came to help with the trip. it was fun but let's go back to me and the playground!            by Cian

The bus rode us to the Art Gallery. It was fun. I liked it. I was sitting next to Ally and I have sat next to Stella. It was fun. At the Art Gallery I made a cat. It was fun. I liked it. Gail is going to bring them back. I can't wait!
          by Petal

We went to the Art Gallery and we made clay animals and I made a Cobra snake! It was the biggest in the class. We looked at a gnome and it was as big as an elephant and it was very shiny. I liked it the best. We saw a seal. Its nose was funny. We went to a big tree and I almost fell on the ground. We went to the playground and it was fun and very cool. I went on the slide.
       by Tahere

We're going on a trip. We went in a cool tree and we climbed and climbed but we didn't climb so high. The tree was shady. We walked all the way to the Art Gallery. We walked to the first room. It had a seal TV in it and a bull in it. Then we went to the next room. It had a shining gnome and a poor dog TV and lots of paintings. The one I liked was the gnome the next and then we went downstairs and we made clay beasts. I made a cat with me and my friends. Claudia made two cats and one smiley face. Stella made a cat and a mouse. It was so fun this week. They are going to come back and then I can take them home. We had lunch there on Friday. It was so much fun. I can't wait until the next school trip. It was hot. Thank you Amber and Dorinda. Thank you.
    by Torun

I made a sea turtle at the Art Gallery with Niko and Arthur helping me.
    by Luigi

I was making a clay beast and you got your own animal and I made a bird. My bird was just a bird. On the bus Tahere and Cian and me were talking. Going back we were talking. We played on the playground the Sonic Dash mixed with Slugterra and Ninjas. On the tree, Tahere and me were playing you have to not touch the ground. We also saw a massive gnome in the Art Gallery, The gnome was made out of metal.
     by Louie

Mandarin Langauge Lessons

Each Friday afternoon students in team Kahikatea have been learning to speak Chinese! We've identified five outstanding students who will receive a certificate at the Week 7 school assembly.
Congratulations to: 
Sophie McDonald, George Smith, Claudia Hood, Taylor Carberry & Cleo Hopkinson. 

WOW costumes

Students have now completed their WOW costume designs and they are beginning to identify the items they will need to help them create their wearable art! 
Your child will tell you about their design and theme (winter, summer, spring or autumn) and each hub teacher will send home a list of possible items your child will need to gather together and bring along to school next week. At school we will have plenty of bits and bobs to help with the making too. Some children will be making masks, hats, capes's going to be an amazing and colourful performance at the end of the term!