Frozen Flakes

This is an information report on snow.
Snow is white. Snow is very cold. You can have lots of fun in snow. Snow is made of rain. I love snow. The higher you go the colder it gets. People ski down the mountains. Polar bears, reindeer and penguins are some animals that live in snow. You can make snowmen and snow balls. Lots of little raindrops are formed into one big raindrop. Snowflakes have six sides. Snowflakes have their own design. They are so small that we can’t see them. In winter everything freezes. All the trees and flowers do too. Hail is like snow. 



This is an information report about snow.
Snow is cold and then colder. Then the weather makes me freezing! It is like winter.
Polar bears and seals live in the snow. We can play in the snow.

Kahikatea News 24th July 2015

Welcome Back!
It is lovely to see everyone again, and we hope you had a lovely little break. We are settling back into routines and looking forward to the exciting new learning planned for this term.

Technology and Cyber Safety
There is a parent evening coming up on Monday 17 August at 7:00 in the staffroom called 'Tackling Technology'.
 It is aimed at Year 7 & 8 children but it could be helpful for parents of younger children too. Tackling Technology. Young people need new skills and guidance as they navigate their digital world.  Breakdown of content:

  • The developing teen brain. A look at some of the strengths and weakness of the teenage brain and how vital parents wisdom and experience can be during these years.
  •  Encourage parents with the significance part they play in keeping their students safe online. Discuss the advantages on the digital age and some risks.
  • The digital footprint and its potential effect it has on students future. Cyber grooming and what parents need to know to keep their kids safe. Do’s and Don’ts for social networking.
  •  Internet filtering. Practical solutions for parents as well as answers to the questions “How much” and “At what age?” Cyber bullying and how to stay safe. 

We will start on Monday afternoon (27th July). Please send your child/children to school each Monday this term in clothing (uniforms) which will allow them to be a) barefoot b) tumble and roll around. No tights please, as the children are much safer on the equipment if they have barefeet. Thank you!

 Lunchtime Games
 A new duty has been established to help support our students during the long lunchtime play. From 1pm there will be games and fancy equipment for students to use on the courts beside Hub 3/4 (Where the pool will no longer be!). A teacher will be running games and activities for students, so do encourage your child/children to head over and check it out.

We have a number of exciting learning topics this term, including Print Making, "Looking Forward" (our intergrated unit exploring classroom design, playground spaces and how to work collaboratively) and a Dance unit!

Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Kahikatea Team: Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Giacometti Sculptures

Thank you for going to view our sculptures over the last couple of weeks and giving us wonderful feedback on them. They will be coming home at the end of next week.

Fun Run

Our Fun Run is just around the corner, next week, on Thursday 2nd July at 11.30am - 12.30pm. Whanau can meet up in the junior playground area. The children will be running around the outskirts of the big field which will involve running on the grass at times. We do appreciate that this will mean that it might be a bit muddy but that is all part of the fun! Please remember to send your child(ren) to school with sensible footwear for running, a drink bottle, spare shoes and socks and an extra snack for later in the day.

Arts Day

Next week, our team will be having an ‘arts day’ on Wednesday 1st July. Each teacher will be offering one of the four Arts disciplines; Visual Art, Dance, Drama and Music. The children will be moving around each teacher throughout the day and experiencing these disciplines in depth to build on what they have been learning in their hubs.


We are currently focussing on Measurement in our team. We are learning about ordering and comparing objects, using a variety of measurement words and estimating length. Please continue to build on these ideas at home as opportunities arise.