A few things from Pōhutukawa

Kia ora koutou.

Over the next few days your child will be bringing home sleep slips to fill in, along with a small clock, which is theirs to keep. The sleep slips are part of the sleep inquiry we are working on at the moment, which comes under the bigger umbrella of 'sustaining our well being'. The students are required to fill out three consecutive slips in order to analyse their sleep patterns and formulate a goal to do with sleep. We would love these slips to be returned to school the next day so that each child has a record of how they slept and how they felt when they woke up.

Jungle are off to the South Learning Centre today to participate in a Matariki session there, and Lake and Alpine will be off tomorrow. Thank you so much to the parents who are accompanying the classes, making it possible for us to take advantage of this free learning opportunity.

We are starting new art topics next week and Jarred will be taking a magazine mozaics topic. He requires used magazines to do this. If you have any unwanted magazines at home it would be lovely if you could send them to school for us to use.

We hope you are staying dry and warm!
Tracy, Nick, Katie and Gayle

Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 2 Week 5

Thanks for your support with our comedy evening fundraiser. The evening was a roaring success, full of hilarity and good times. Many thanks to Leigh for overseeing the event and to everyone who donated, baked and helped out on the night. We raised $3300! $2000 of this goes towards camp and $1300 towards our ski trip next term.

We are now taking orders for our Dunedin camp photo book. This will cost $25 and payment will be required before June 8th. Please click here to order your copy.

Treaty of Waitangi Workshops:

We are learning so much from Sharon in our treaty workshops. Last week we learnt about some laws that were passed after the treaty was signed and the history of Parihaka. We also learnt a couple of fun games, practising our Te Reo Maori. We finish off with two more workshops this week. 

40 Hour Famine:

We're less than two weeks away from Famine Weekend. By now, students will hopefully have already gathered some sponsorship and will be looking to collect a few more sponsors before their weekend of going without. Roughly 3.7 million people have been forced to seek refuge from the civil war raging in South Sudan, many of whom are children forced to flee without their parents. The conflict has had a major impact on food resources, with 50% of crops destroyed and wartime conditions causing food prices to skyrocket. Any support is greatly appreciated!
If you haven't already been approached for sponsorship by a student, Beckenham has its own fundraising page here - https://my.worldvision.org.nz/fundraising/support-someone/1c71bff9-6137-4ea2-9364-ae3e29ea01a9 . If your child is taking part in the Famine Weekend, we thank you in advance for your support.


Well done to Maria, who has qualified for the national aerobic gymnastics competition in Tauranga later this year. Maria scored an outstanding result in the regional competition in Balclutha last weekend.

A brisk morning turned into a beautiful autumn day out at Halswell Quarry last week for our zone cross country event. Our competitors embraced the challenge of a muddy course, covering three km in their two laps of the park. As usual, our zone brought a high level of competition that encouraged our runners to push their limits. The tamariki showed our kete value ‘We get there together’, sometimes quite literally, by crossing the finish holding hands but also by encouraging and supporting others in their race.

A huge congratulations to all our runners. We noticed fantastic dedication by many tamariki in preparation for this event and this commitment to training showed during the race.

The following children have qualified for Canterbury’s on the 20th of June, which uses the same course at Halswell Quarry.
  • Roxy Murphin (4th equal)
  • Sophia Brown (4th equal)
  • Charlotte Grey (6th)
  • Tilly Harris (3rd)


Thursday afternoons are a real highlight in our hub. The children have opted to learn about one of the following: coding, theatre sports, volleyball, following their own passion, felt making and working with younger children. Below are some photos of wet felting last week.

Kōwhai News Week 4 Term 2

Hi everyone,
What a busy two weeks we have had at swimming. It has been wonderful to see the children demonstrating the school value, ‘We love challenge' in the way they have listened carefully to the instructors and worked on improving individual swimming skills.
A huge thank you to all the parents who came along to assist us at the pool. We appreciate the time that you have given!

Sleep Sleuths
While we have been swimming, the children have been,  'Sleep Sleuths' researching facts about the importance of sleep. The children brainstormed a variety of questions (wonderings) they had about sleep. We have used a variety of methods to research the answers to our questions, including watching YouTube clips, reading books, reading websites online or articles and texts created by the teacher.
For many of the children, they have grown their understanding about the importance of sleep, the sleep cycle, dreaming, how animals sleep to name a few. Communicating and sharing this learning will be our next focus.
For most of the team, the teachers have taken an integrated approach by teaching reading and writing at the same time instead of giving the children separate reading books and writing on an unrelated topic. This has enabled us to clearly show the link between reading and writing.
Across the team, the children have been given greater agency with their learning by working in a variety of ways. This has looked liked working individually, with a buddy, in small groups, and using a variety of resources.

Next week, we will be exploring sleep spaces and how people sleep around the world. Here are some images which were taken within one literacy block this week which show how we differentiate learning.

Math Talk Moves Poster - Math Solutions Books & Resources StoreWe have been so impressed with the children during maths time this term and it has been wonderful to see the children working together and sharing their ideas and strategies when solving our maths problems. During these sessions, we are actively encouraging the children to extend and share their thinking by using the maths talk moves. These ways of talking are enabling the children to think really critically about the strategy they are using to solve a problem and reflect on its effectiveness.
Alongside the maths problems, the children are continuing with their MMM to help extend their basic facts knowledge and we are still teaching the children about number knowledge (place value, reading and writing numbers etc.) as well as teaching strategies so the children are extending their proficiency when problem-solving.
Here are a couple of examples of the problems and the strategies being used.

Thorrington Village

We have been offered the opportunity to appear on the What Now television programme showing what we do when we visit the residents at Thorrington Village and how we show that ‘We Care’ about our community and how ‘We Make A Difference’. The What Now TV crew will be accompanying 15 of our children to the village on Friday 1st June and filming us while we are there. The children will be talking, reading and playing games with the residents and then we will all sing for them at the very end. It is all very exciting!

Image result for image of what now tv programme

Cross Country

We had a fantastic day for our whole school cross country, it was great to have everyone out on the park in their house colours. All of the children did an amazing job, putting in so much effort and really challenging themselves to run faster. The top four children from each year group will be asked to represent Beckenham School at the Hillview Year 0 - 4 cross country challenge in Week 10. We will be sending home information to these students in the coming weeks.

That's all for now. Keep warm!
Kōwhai Teaching Team

Team Koru, Term 2 Week 4- 5

Kia ora whanau,
We are moving quickly into cooler mornings and muddy grounds. It is greatly appreciated when your child has gumboots for these wet rainy days and warm jackets. Everyone is welcome to bring a pair of slippers for inside if they wish even though we do have lovely warm floors.

Bringing Toys/PE Gear to School
We have started to notice an increasing number of children bringing toys and sports equipment with them to school each day. Please be assured we have plenty of sports equipment for your children to play with. When a child's ball or toy goes missing it can be very upsetting. To avoid this happening we are asking that all toys and sports gear stay at home. If your child forgets this rule we will store the item in our "think tank" and it can be retrieved at the end of the day. Thank you for your support on this issue.

We are starting the first of our 9 swimming sessions on Monday 28th of May. If you are a parent helper for this please come about 5-10 minutes before hand so we can share pertinent information with you. Our reading and writing programs will continue as usual so do expect your child to be bringing home their reading folders each day.

Lunch Containers
Thank you for checking that your child has brought home their plastic lunch containers. We have quite a collection so do pop in and have a look in the "Maker Space".