Snow Flakes

This is an information report about snow. Snow is really soft and fluffy. When it’s cold the paddocks are frozen. The snow is like a cloudy pillow. Last year me and Dad made a snowman. We had a snow ball fight. Snow is fun. 


My Holidays

I went to a scary house and I saw two ghosts coming out of the walls. I watched a movie on T.V. 


Frozen Flakes

This is an information report on snow.
Snow is white. Snow is very cold. You can have lots of fun in snow. Snow is made of rain. I love snow. The higher you go the colder it gets. People ski down the mountains. Polar bears, reindeer and penguins are some animals that live in snow. You can make snowmen and snow balls. Lots of little raindrops are formed into one big raindrop. Snowflakes have six sides. Snowflakes have their own design. They are so small that we can’t see them. In winter everything freezes. All the trees and flowers do too. Hail is like snow. 



This is an information report about snow.
Snow is cold and then colder. Then the weather makes me freezing! It is like winter.
Polar bears and seals live in the snow. We can play in the snow.