“Look out!”

We run across the cold soft ground, dodging bullets. My heart pounds out of my chest, while people drop dead around us.

“We better go back!”

Suddenly my life-long friend drops dead. I run back. Blood, sweat and tears fall down my ice cold cheeks. I jump back into the trench. I feel like going home, but I know I must go on.

All of a sudden a horrible stench flouts up. I vomit. It just makes it worst. I can’t take it any more. My stomach rumbles. It sounds like a earthquake.

By Hannah

The light flashes. Red. Red. Green. The ship’s door opens. In two seconds I hear gunfire. The guy in the front is shot. Luckily I was at the back. I had to trample over him.

Suddenly I look at the bombers flying overhead. “Boom!” A grenade is thrown  I see a grenade is thrown again. I am right by. It deafens  me! I wipe the mud on my face. Red blood fills the beach and the water. We make progress. At 5pm we take over their trenches.

I see a head get blown off.  I don’t really want to get up and shoot but I have to.

By Reuben

Exploring ANZAC

This week in team Pohutukawa we have been exploring the importance behind celebrating ANZAC day and why we must pay our respects to those who gave their lives to protect our country many years ago. Hub 21/22 have been busy conducting an inquiry on World War 1 and have even been building their very own trenches in the classroom! In hub 14/15 we have been looking at some of the famous poetry and letters written about the soldiers' experiences on the battlefield and recreated our own. Below is one of the poems our students wrote. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered, for what purpose is the war?
The fighting, the killing, there should be no more!

Nothing good comes out of it, on both sides people die!
Do you really think you’re doing a favour by killing without knowing why?
If we made a compromise the ANZACs would be your friends,
but instead you choose to fight so this war must come to an end!
This stupid war is pointless, there’s no reason we should fight!
We both just want to be back home in our beds all  tucked up tight.

You realise we have family back home, looking up at the starlit sky,
hoping that when we went to war it wasn't their last goodbye.

We know you have family like us and probably lots of friends,
so for them and for us, lets put down our guns, and both of us make amends.

Written by Sadie

Term 1 Learning Celebration

Team Pohutukawa has had an incredible afternoon sharing some of the awesome things we have all been working on and learning about from hub 14/15's radio show on Plains FM to hub 21/22's Starfleet Academy. Check out these fun photos of us celebrating how much in team Pohutukawa we LOVE learning, we LOVE challenge and most importantly we get there TOGETHER!