Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 4 Week 1

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  • Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Parent help
  • Cantamath canceled
  • Sunhats and masks
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  • Relationships and Sexuality Education

    Many thanks to everyone who has indicated they will be coming to the Relationships and Sexuality Education parent meeting this this evening (Thursday) in our hub. If you intend to attend and have not let us know yet, please fill in this form. Lessons will start next Wednesday.

    Parent Help

    Many thanks to the parents who will be helping with our passions programme this term. I am also keen to have a helper or two to join our 'Sustainable Gifts' passion. This will involve supervising a small group in a making activity each Friday afternoon. Even if you could just make some Fridays, that would make a difference.  Please fill in this form if you can help.

    During this term we have two events planned where we will require parent help, Top Team on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 16th, and a trip to Corsair Bay on Thursday, December 9th. If you can help with either of these events, please complete this form.

    Over the past six or so years we have had a Year 8 pool and pizza party in the last week of term, from 4 - 6pm. In the past, this has been hosted by a teacher or a parent at their homes. We would love this tradition to continue. We organise the pizza and provide supervision, however, none of us live at a property suitable for hosting such a gathering this year. If you think you could host such an event or if you have a good idea for an alternative, please email Nicky.


    We received an email from the Cantamath organisers yesterday to say that despite exploring many possible options they are unable to go ahead this term. There were a large number of outstanding projects that we were going to send through to Cantamath. These are in Pukaki and will need to go home, some via car - looking at their size. 

    Sunhats and masks

    It was fabulous to see a huge number of our team prepared with masks for the tech bus on Tuesday. Please keep checking that these are packed for all Year 7 & 8s on Tuesday mornings.
    We have a small number of children who are yet to bring a sunhat to school. This makes things really tricky for breaktimes and PE. We realise that Year 8s may not want to purchase a red hat if theirs is missing. Any fully brimmed sunhat will suffice.

    Year 8 Photos

    Many thanks to those who have already sent me a photo of your Year 8 as a 5 year old. If you have yet to do this,  can you please email me (nicky.dunlop@beckenham.school.nz) a photo of your child when they started school. This can either be an 'at / going to school' photo or any photo of them as a 5-year-old. If you cannot email a photo, please send in the hard copy next week and I will scan and return it the same day. I'd love these pics ASAP.

    Kauri Whānau: Year 8 Yearbook

     Kia ora,

    No doubt you are finding it hard to believe that your Year 8 youngster has only 8 and a half weeks of primary / intermediate education left! As part of our farewell, we put together a yearbook with photos and memories for the Year 8s to treasure. To do this we need your help.

    1. Can you please email me (nicky.dunlop@beckenham.school.nz) a photo of your child when they started school. This can either be an 'at / going to school' photo or any photo of them as a 5-year-old. If you cannot email a photo, please send in the hard copy next week and I will scan and return it the same day. I'd love these pics ASAP.

    2. Talk with your child about the memory they might write about (a Beckenham memory from the past 8 years) at school next week. They also need to choose a friend and a teacher who they would like to write a memory about them.

    Ngā mihi

    Nicky Dunlop

    Kauri Whānau: End of Term 3

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    • Celebrating our Year 8s
    • Sexuality and relationships education 
    • Zone speech competition
    • Athletics

    Celebrating our Year 8s

    Some years ago, we changed the name of our Year 8 end-of-year formal event from 'Year 8 Prizegiving' to "Year 8 Graduation'. The intent behind that was to make more of a celebration of every Year 8 student who was leaving the school. To some extent, we have achieved this and we would like to make some further changes to support this graduation being about all of our Year 8s and the end of their primary schooling.
    Another factor in the change is that the graduation ceremony has grown in size, as our numbers in Years 7/8 have increased over the past few years, leading to a ceremony that seems to be getting longer with each passing year.
    To that end, we are going to remove the 'prizegiving' part of the programme from the Year 8 Graduation, and, for this year, spread the acknowledgment of Year 8 prizes through a series of whole-school Celebration Assemblies that we plan to hold weekly through Term 4. The prizes and awards that are given out will be the same, it will just be the timing that changes. 

    If your child is going to be getting a prize or award, you will be notified in advance, so that you will be able to attend if you would like to (subject to us being at Alert Level 1).

    Sexuality and Relationships Education

    Next term, starting in week 3 we will be teaching our health unit on sexuality and relationships education. On Thursday October 21st, we will be having a parent information evening, starting at 7pm in our hub. 

    Zone Speech Competition

    Zoe and Lola represented our kura extremely well at South Zone Speech Competition on Monday evening. They both spoke superbly and their speeches were very well received. Congratulations to Zoe who was placed second.


    Our athletic sports will be held on Thursday October 28th, from 9 until 3. If you are able to help, even for part of the day, please email Jenny. 

    Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 3 Week 9

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    • Literacy
    • Health
    • Ski trip
    • Cantamath
    • Athletics
    • Speeches

    Literacy: Novel Studies

    We have recently started novel studies with our literacy classes. Megan, Caitlin and Jenny's groups are reading 'The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas', by John Boyne. Themes of innocence, friendship and human nature are explored as the story of the relationship between the son of a German officer and a Jewish boy unfold. Nicky's group is reading 'Two Weeks with the Queen', by Morris Gleitzman. This book, while told with lots of humour, deals with heavier topics of cancer, aids and issues faced by people who are gay. The children are very engaged in discussions and activities unpacking the stories. Please let us know if you have any questions about these novel studies.

    Health: Choice

    When lockdown sent us home, we were just getting into our Choice health unit which explores making good choices around drugs and alcohol. While we have been unable to have lessons with the police constable, we are continuing this unit ourselves. 

    Ski Trip

    Sadly, we were unable to rebook another date for this year's ski trip. We look forward to offering this opportunity again next year.


    The organisers of Cantamath are determined for this event to go ahead and have yet again rescheduled the competition to October 27th in term 4. This involves our problem-solving teams and we will also be sending a number of projects into the display competition. 


    We have started athletics training in preparation for our athletic sports which is scheduled for week 2 next term. The children will be doing athletics 4 afternoons a week for the next two weeks.


    We were treated to listening to a fabulous selection of persuasive and informative speeches on Friday. Topics were varied, including speeches encouraging us to not eat meat, respond to climate change, address gender inequities in sport, be inclusive, consider the needs of chickens, care for our oceans and avoid the dangers of sport. As you can see we were wowed by some very important topics. The judges had an extremely tough job. 

    Year 7: First, Lola; second, Billy; and third equal, Stella and Fergus Macd

    Year 8: First, Zoe C; second, Andi; and third equal, Thomas and Fergus McM

    We wish Lola and Zoe the best of luck when they compete at the South Zone competition in week 10. The media team is putting together a video with snippets of each speech. We hope to have this ready to share with you next week. 

    Kauri Whānau Weekly Update: Term 3 Week 8

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    • Technology
    • Choir
    • Speech finals
    • Cashmere High Testing
    It was fabulous to welcome the children back to our hub last week. After the initial excitement of reuniting with everyone, the children have quickly settled back into learning.


    Technology classes at Christchurch South Intermediate continue in level 2. The key difference is that the canteen is not running. 


    Choir also continues in level 2. The choir meets at 8:15 am on Mondays.

    Speech Finals

    We were impressed with how adaptable the children were to presenting their speeches via Zoom or videoing themselves. Finalists were named at the end of last week. Our team speech competition will take place this coming Friday, September 17, between 11:00 and 12:40. 
    Year 7 finalists are Lola, Tahere, Fergus, Quinn, Freya, Billy, Richelle, Lachy, Stella and Oliver.
    Year 8 finalists are Fergus, Mila, Tabea, Mahli, Thomas, Marcellus, Zoe C, Rory, Lane and Andi.
    Unfortunately, parents cannot be part of the audience while we are at level 2.

    Cashmere High School Testing

    Year 8 testing at Cashmere High has been rescheduled to take place on Thursday, September 30th. Those who have children enrolled will receive details from Cashmere High. The children make their own way to and from testing and are expected back at Beckenham by 1:20pm.