Kauri Whānau Update: Term 4, Week 6

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  • Production Costumes
  • Year 8 Pool Party
  • Parent help: Cass Bay & Vic Park
  • Graduation RSVP
  • Cashmere High School Whānau Hui
  • Relationships and Sexuality Education

Production Costumes

Our aim is to keep costumes for the production simple and effective. We have chosen a colour scheme that reflects the original illustrations of Oh The Places You'll Go. It is our hope that whānau can source costumes from clothes that children already have, can borrow, or can cheaply buy. We also have a large collection of clothes from previous productions, and so may be able to help out if needed. If you get stuck or have any questions, please let us know.

Students taking part in the dramatic speaking group will wear block colour shorts, and will be making Dr Seuss "Thing" characters at school to pin onto their tops. They can wear black shorts/pants and will have crazy "Thing" hair, so either a wig or crazy hairstyle will do.

Students who are part of the singing group will be wearing a plain pastel-coloured top with black pants.

Students who are part of the Geometric Dance group will be wearing a black short-sleeved top or singlet and black leggings, shorts, or trousers.

The Giant and Lovely dance group will be wearing pastel shades and colours as much as possible, though white would also be fine. This should be a plain t-shirt or singlet and leggings, shorts or trousers.

The students who are supporting with sound and lighting will be wearing black or similarly dark colours.

Pool Party

It has become one of our traditions to have a low key pool party for our Year 8s one afternoon in the last week of school. We organise pizza and drinks along with games. We are hoping for it to take place in Week 10, on Wednesday December 13th, from 4pm to 6pm. It is optional for children to attend. Those that are there need to be picked up at 6pm, or teachers notified that they are walking home.

Each year this has taken place, it has been generously hosted by school whānau. Is there anyone with a suitable property who would be willing to host this year?y

Parent Help Needed

We have two outdoor education events planned for this term and will require parent help for them to go ahead. Please fill in this form to indicate where you can help.

Wednesday December 13th: Vic Park Walk

This event involves leaving school by 10am to walk to Victoria Park where we students will take part in some game and activities before returning to school by 3pm. Parts of the walk are quite steep, so good walking shoes (and some fitness) will be required.

Thursday December 14th: Cass Bay Trip

We will leave school by 11am and once at Cass Bay, students can swim, explore, chill, and play in the environment. There will be a guided walk to neighbouring Corsair Bay for those interested.

Previously this has been at Corsair bay, with a walk to Cass bay. We have switched this around due to water quality advice.

Graduation Invitation

On Monday December 18th, in just over a month, our Year 8 students will be completing their primary and intermediate education. We would like to warmly invite whānau to their graduation assembly. Please click this link for the invitation and to RSVP.

Cashmere High School Whānau Hui

Cashmere High School has formally invited our Ākonga Māori and their whānau to attend the CHS Year 8 hui to welcome them to their kura. It's a great opportunity to meet some of the CHS ākonga and kaiako before they are welcomed with a pōwhiri next year. 

Date/Time: On Thursday 30th November at 5:30pm
Where: Wharenui, Cashmere High School

Relationships and Sexuality Education

We will be keeping you informed as we work our way through the Relationships and Sexuality Education curriculum on the content of our lessons.

Our first session focused on creating shared expectations for these lessons. The children identified what would make them feel safe during these conversations, which included sentiments such as respecting everyone’s contributions and questions, laughing along with someone, not at them, and being mindful of your own boundaries and the boundaries of others. 

Rights and Responsibilities

We reflected on how our rights and responsibilities changed as we matured. The children thought about what rights and responsibilities they would have in the future and how some of these would occur automatically while others would occur according to individual readiness. 


In these sessions we identified the different stereotypes that we see in society today and how these have changed over time. We also looked at how stereotypes may be reinforced in the media and how these are being broken down. We talked about the influences that stereotypes have on people's lives and how can can stand up to these and be our own person. 

If you have any questions about anything that's been covered so far in Relationships and Sexuality Education, please get in touch with your child's homegroup teacher in the first instance.

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