Monday 31 May 2021 – School is open – and it’s your call…

School is open... and it's wet and wild out there

Yes - we are open this morning. Apart from the playground and the crossing on Sandwich Road being underwater, learning spaces are dry and cosy.

Gumboots are a must today, along with extra socks and other extra clothes for those who are likely to get wet in spite of requests to stay out of puddles!

It's likely to be an inside day all day - so children may bring a quiet activity from home to help pass the time during morning tea and lunch breaks.

If you decide to keep children at home today, please email or send a detailed text to 021 027 94107

If you are driving to school - please be patient and take extra care on Sandwich Road. Please do not get out of cars in the 3min drop off area. We need this area to keep moving to help everyone.

Stay safe everyone.
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