Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto First Day back – Fine-tuning for tomorrow…

Kia ora koutou

Thank you all so much for getting the children so well prepared for school today! We could absolutely see the work that you had done, when the children arrived this morning and were able to transition so successfully into school!

Thank you all for understanding the need to stay off the school site. The drop-off this morning worked very well

End of Day Pick-up:
The end of the day pick-up was always going to be the trickier time, with 476 children all leaving at 3pm.

Today we had the children from Koru and Kahikatea teams coming out to the gate at 2:45pm. This was a partial success, however, some of you ended up having to wait another 15 mins for your older children to come out.

From tomorrow, at 2:45pm, the teachers will ONLY bring out the Koru and Kahikatea children who do NOT have older siblings in Kōwhai, Pōhutukawa or Kauri. They will bring them to the Sandwich Road main entrance.

The children who have older siblings in the school will WAIT in their hub with a teacher, until 3pm, and they will be brought out then.

This will mean that those of you with older children and young children can just arrive at 3pm as usual. This will also mean that the younger children and their parents can move away from the front gate, before the rest of the school start to come out.

Thanks again
Sandy, Jo and Amber
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